MDO Asia Pacific

Mission Development Office Asia Pacific

Launch of MDO Asia Pacific MDO Asia Pacific is launched in 2016

In January 2016, the Mission Development Office (MDO) based in Rome established an office in Asia Pacific to better serve the Units in this region especially those who have requested MDO assistance in strategic planning for mission effectiveness.  The role of this office will mirror the services currently offered by MDO Rome such as capacity building, organizational development, resource mobilization and monitoring and evaluation.   It will have direct accountability to MDO Rome with annual progress reports submitted to the Asia Pacific Circle of Province Leaders.


Regional Manager, Ms Theresa Symons

This position of Regional Manager for MDO Asia Pacific will be initially held by Theresa Symons, who is seconded from the Province of Singapore/Malaysia for a period of two years starting January 2016.  Theresa, formerly the Executive Director of Good Shepherd Services Malaysia, will continue to be based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 

Theresa will oversee MDO projects already begun in Asia Pacific:  India (jointly between South West India and Central East India/Nepal) and Phuket, Thailand.  For projects which are at initial planning stages, that is, in the Units of Sri Lanka and East Asia, Theresa will work with an external consultant and the MDO team in Rome.

Broadly, Theresa’s role will be:

  1. Coordinating MDO’s Organizational Development and Capacity Development projects in Asia Pacific.

  2. Fundraising and grant-seeking to build a donor base in Asia Pacific for international fundraising initiatives.

  3. Liaising with the Spirituality and Justice and Peace network to implement an integrated approach and best practices for mission effectiveness.

Theresa's hopes

“I will try my best in this new role which is both exciting as well as challenging. There is a lot to learn and re-learn. With the support of everyone, I hope to be able to fulfill the expectations of this role. I look forward to working with the Units to make Good Shepherd mission more effective in Asia Pacific.”  Theresa Symons



From left:  Manuela Coletti (consultant), Anna Tram Nguyen (intern from Mid North America), Cristina Duranti (Director, MDO) and Theresa Symons