Caring for mother earth

On September 1, 2017 Cristina Dalilis-Boclig celebrated her 60th birthday.  She retired as gardener of Mt. Maid Training & Development Foundation, Inc.  After twenty years (1997-2017)  of tending plants, arranging flowers, planting trees, growing vegetables and helping out at the food production on rainy days, she is grateful for God’s blessings during her time with the Good Shepherd family in Baguio.


Photo above:  Cristina with her two prized rare catleya orchids


In Good Shepherd

In 1997, Dorothy Huang, a neighbor, informed her that Good Shepherd Convent was looking for a gardener.  At the time, Cristina was self employed, raising pigs and collecting organic compost that she sold to flower shops and gardens. She chose to have a stable employment as a gardener. 


The Challenges

She vowed that her five children would get good education, unlike her who finished elementary education.  She also had a difficult childhood working in the fields, carrying rocks, doing riprap (building stone walls).  She wanted to give her children a better future. 

Cristina agreed with her husband, who works as a driver, that he would put food on the table and that she would take care of the children’s education from grade school, to high school up to university level.  She accomplished her goal. 

After years of sacrifice and hard work, Cristina is proud that her five children finished the courses they chose.  Roel, the oldest took up BS Accountancy;  Lydia, BS Agriculture;  Janice,  BS Accountancy and is a Certified Public Accountant; Claire, BS Elementary Education and Leonida, BS Social Work.   All are gainfully employed. 

Cristina recalled that before coming to the Good Shepherd, she did not go to Sunday Mass because once, one of her children was almost run over by a car.  When they grew older and behaved better, she resumed attending church services. 

Another accomplishment of Cristina is that through the help of a no-interest housing loan from Good Shepherd and the combined resources of her family, she and her husband were able to put up a three-story house, complete with a fireplace.


The Inspiration

One of her joys as a gardener is the affirmation she receives from visitors and customers at the store.  One time, she was trimming flowers and leaves with a pair of tiny scissors.  A customer saw her and gifted her a new pair of garden shears.  To this day, she still has this precious tool.  

Long before Pope Francis’ ‘Laudato Si’, Cristina has been caring for mother earth, practising the three Rs of Reuse, Reduce, Recycle,  using only organic fertilizers and taking delight in the flowers, birds and butterflies that abound in the garden. 


More photos

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Submitted by  Sr.  M.Guadalupe Bautista, rgs

August 2, 2017  


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