Trusting in the love of God 


When I finished my AA degree in business at 20 years of age, I started an accounting position. I wasn't at that job for long before my church teacher recommended I consider working for Good Shepherd. Everything was new and challenging for me at the time. Years after, I went back to earn a formal education in social work.

I started working at Indigenous Family and Women Center to provide services for indigenous women and children. And in 1996, I started working with a program to support struggling children, helping them stay in school and restore their relationship with family and friends, as well as women and children suffering from domestic violence.

I was the first employee of Good Shepherd of indigenous background to be financially sponsored to train as a social worker. I now have a Master's degree in social work and oversee 4 centers as the district director in Hualien.

The Challenges

My biggest challenge at Good Shepherd was when I was promoted to district director of the Hualien District. I am in charge of 4 service divisions. We have four divisions which include Hualian Guangfu, Hualian Rueisuei, and Haulian Yuli, and the Hualien Children's Home.

Shifting my responsibilities to managing as district director was a humbling experience.

As the organization grows, working with district government, local NGOs, and the local community is a continual challenge. The relationships I've built with these partners are the relationships I am most proud of.

Above all, my greatest challenge was ensuring our core values and spirit permeates throughout the culture at all four divisions, so that we can uphold our value that one person is of more value than the entire world. 


I felt unprepared when starting out, and to this day still feel unprepared. Starting out I had no experience in social work. My Mom convinced me to take the position by reminding me that as long as you have God, you will not be afraid. 

I believe that when you have love from God you can accomplish anything. Throughout the years I've learned to be sensitive to other people's needs. Listening to our community's needs and seeing our impact has given me the courage to carry out Good Shepherd's mission.





Good Shepherd Services for Indigenous Tribes, in Taiwan

Good Shepherd Services for Indigenous Tribes, in Taiwan

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