A heart open to learn and to give


I was born in 1972 in Mawchi Mine, Kayah State, Myanmar. I have one older sister.  Since my father is a Buddhist and my mother is a Catholic, I learned how to respect other religions since I was at home.  Both parents are very faithful to their religion.  Now, both of them are retired.  My father used to go to the Buddhist meditation center and spend six months every year there, and for the other six months with the family. He loves us very dearly.  He tried to provide whatever we needed.  For him, the family is his world. My mum is very active in church activities.  It seems that she finds self-fulfillment in being involved in charitable work in the church.  I am amazed to see her selfless service.  In her 60s, she cooks for at least 100 people whenever there is activity and celebration in my parish.  She has special love for the church and I have never heard of her saying negative things towards the consecrated people and the priests.  My father is very proud of my mum. He used to tell me how happy he is to see his wife being active in the charitable work. Both of them understand each other with regard to give and take.  When the monk from the Buddhist meditation center would come to our house, my mum would try to serve the best she can.  She even taught me to give the same respect to the monk. 

Now, I have one niece.  She has been staying with my parents in my native town since her parents have to work hard in Yangon.  My parents used to tell me that since they offer me to God, God has given them a special gift, that is, my niece.

In fact, I learned from my parents how to value and to respect each person especially those who are underprivileged. When I was young, there was a girl who came to wash our clothes every weekend. During that time, I was asked to iron all the clothes that the girl washed. My mum asked me to prepare the meal for her and ask her to have her meal before we ate.  So, when I learned the Good Shepherd charism and spirit, it was not something new for me.  Of course, I developed my knowledge in the community with the sisters.

In Good Shepherd

What attracts me most in the Good Shepherd Congregation is a special love for the women and children who are at the margins.  During my second year novitiate, I was sent to Pattaya community for six months for community and ministry experiences.  I was asked to work with sexually abused children.  At first, I could not do anything much for them.  I only washed their face, cut their nails and fed them.  The more I loved them, the more I found ways and means to help them. Through these experiences, I learned to understand the word of Saint Mary Euphrasia – ‘I have no special talents, but I have loved with all my heart’.

The Challenges

After my first profession in 1999, I worked with the teenage girls who are in difficult situations in Thailand.  Six months later, I came back to Myanmar and was assigned in Loikaw, my native town. I was asked to run the sewing class for the girls from the poor families. Since some of them are not gifted in sewing, I taught them handicraft: making of pillow cases, table cloths and other things.  After one year, I was asked to take care of the girls who are rejected by society. It was a great challenge for me. God has given me a gift of being soft spoken, an affectionate heart and gentle behaviour. This helped me to gain their hearts although sometimes, I felt so helpless in accompanying them. Then, I was transferred to Yangon Community, where I worked in health-care ministry.  Although I was afraid of the sick, God has given me the grace to be with them.  Whenever I got frightened, I challenged myself - if they were my family members, am I going to take care or to run away from them?  Slowly by slowly, I was able to overcome my fear.

I was involved in formation ministry for a number of years.  Reflecting on my experience, I discovered that every day was a learning experience since I was dealing with the candidates coming from different family backgrounds with different cultures. I became more aware of how God journeyed with me in the formation ministry although I encountered difficulty from time to time. I feel that God is the main formator and I was ever only God’s instrument. I do admit that I did not only encounter difficulties in my formation ministry, but also I experienced satisfaction and joy when I saw the candidates were growing. 

Now, in 2018 I have been asked to move to the Generalate community, in Rome, to join the Finance Team.  I am asked to provide support in financial management and administration.

The Inspiration

Some years ago I participated in Myanmar Ecclesia of Women in Asia.  Also I had the opportunity to participate in the Formation Training Modules in the Philippines in 2011-2012.

I enjoyed the opportunity to work on the Asia Formation Core Team, until 2017.  We had the opportunity to pray together with other team members and reflect on our role and task as formators. One of the gifts that I noticed among ourselves was our passion for this formation ministry. We affirmed each other’s strengths and held each other in our own vulnerability.  By listening to each other’s sharing with open hearts, we strengthened our bond and our commitment became stronger.






Historic meeting of Asia Pacific Teams, in Sri Lanka

Historic meeting of Asia Pacific Teams, in Sri Lanka

In response to the Congregational Directive, the Asia Pacific Circle organized a dialogue to develop clear strategic plans integrating Spirituality, Justice and Peace with best ministry practices

150 years of Good Shepherd Sisters in Myanmar 1866-2016

150 years of Good Shepherd Sisters in Myanmar 1866-2016

In 1866 St Mary Euphrasia sent sisters to Myanmar to begin a Good Shepherd foundation. A year of preparation culminates in celebrations to mark this happy occasion

Session for Formation and Partnership

Session for Formation and Partnership

Historic first Formation and Partnership Session in Asia Pacific creates a distinct shift in the understanding of Partnership for Mission

Report from the Asia Pacific Partnership Team

Report from the Asia Pacific Partnership Team

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