Finding my life's purpose...


I was born and studied in Kuwait, then did my undergrad studies in India and post grad studies in Brisbane, Australia. I have a degree and post graduate certificates in Physiotherapy, Alternative Medicine and Medical Law & Ethics. I taught Undergraduate and postgraduate Physiotherapy Students since 1998.  Since 2007, I have been serving St. Martha’s Hospital as Head of the Department of Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation. 

In Good Shepherd

I founded the ‘Love In Action’ initiative that started out as a ‘formation’ program for youth and at-risk young adults.

Today, Love In Action (Lia) is poised to be a mission orientation place for all those waiting to be inspired by the Good Shepherd mission.

  • Seeking the Lost  Being a physiotherapist, I believe in preventive medicine which I practice in my ministry of ‘Love In Action’ – a ministry of Christu Visibilis - ‘visible Christ’ in daily life. Love in Action conducts contact programs on individual, small and large groups to spread awareness of present moral dangers and choices to tackle them.

  • Bring Back the strayed  We work with young people in recycling and self help projects to ensure that they understand that everything ‘ has value’ . This teaches them life skills and dignity of persons and creation.

  • Tending to the Injured  Liavolunteers ensure support and accompaniment of persons who face and are at-risk of critical life challenges.

  • Making the weak Strong  We conduct Fund Raisers for various needs of patients and ministries. We conduct training sessions for young adults and mission orientation. We also install statues (through benefactors) to promote spiritual support where needed.

Mission beyond borders

We may not be able to do great things, but we can do little things with great love.  St. Teresa of Calcutta

Since 2010, I have been involved at the levels of Province (India/Nepal & South West India), Asia Pacific and Congregation. I am presently appointed in the team of the International Committee for Good Shepherd Mission Partnership and the International Co-ordinating team that meet annually in Rome and monthly via video conference.  

The Challenges

Having lived in Kuwait, India and Brisbane I have the internationality I need to understand the integrated nature of mission and cultural mindset. Personally, however, I am an introvert and very systematic and self disciplined. It is a great challenge for me to be social and to travel, but Good Shepherd sisters have been ever so accommodating and supportive that my dedication for mission only grows with time. I used to be more of a fieldworker, who loves to get his hands dirty.  Now, I have learned that I am a problem-solver too and see patterns in chaos on issues that would probably define the mission into the future; which I have come to find exhilarating, as I evolve and transform for mission! 

The Inspiration

In the middle of one’s divorce proceedings, one rarely expects a call from an expectant single mother, requesting support to help her through the delivery of this child!  At that point of time, as I was learning the ropes of mission partnership, I was also asked to lead a pro-life group with a Good Shepherd Sister. The woman who needed support had somehow found my number and called me directly.           

Thus began a breeze of events: receiving the woman’s medical status, finding out how I could arrange her flight (she was currently in another state of the country) to Bangalore, finding an airline that would fly a single woman in her 7-8th month of pregnancy, arranging transport from the airport (I had never seen her face till then) to our facility for single mothers, registering her under an anonymous name, supporting her with her change in heart to keep the baby after the delivery (she had planned to surrender it before the delivery). 

I remember standing at the airport with a Good Shepherd Sister who was also a nurse. This Sister had agreed to accompany me to meet the woman at the airport, as I had no idea what her health condition would be after the flight. Petrified as I was, the serene face of the Sister made me realize, ‘Wow! This was what the Good Shepherd Mission is!!’ This was my ‘Ahaa!’ moment. The joy of doing God’s work; the fire of zeal, audacity and justice propelling me to ‘be all to all’, particularly those who need support, was what was truly exhilarating!!

That fire propels me for mission to this day. I remind myself to ‘Be a GOOD Shepherd today.’ Mark Twain said, ‘The two most important days of your life is the day you were born, and the day you find out why.’  It’s a ‘commitment’ I make to my God on a daily basis when I wear the shepherd’s crook lapel-pin on my coat, every morning. It is my identity; one I proudly show off as a co-worker in mission. I have dedicated my life to serve the Good Shepherd Mission, through the values and spirituality of St. Mary Euphrasia and St. John Eudes. It is not easy, nor is it supposed to be, but it is not impossible.   Good Shepherd mission partnership is neither a ‘club’ nor ‘a job’, it is a way of life that I find myself defining as days go by and I write my little paragraph in the great Good Shepherd Story.

My Motto 

Make everyone who I come in contact with feel ‘God experience’ of Jesus the Good Shepherd.




GSAPP Team meets in Singapore

GSAPP Team meets in Singapore

The Good Shepherd Asia Pacific Partnership Team brings to completion its ten year leadership role at a special meeting in Restful Waters, Singapore from 7-9 January 2019

Raising Awareness of Suicide Prevention, in SW India

Raising Awareness of Suicide Prevention, in SW India

Good Shepherd Lay Mission Partners of Bangalore conducted a suicide prevention awareness seminar on 15 September 2018

Session for Formation and Partnership

Session for Formation and Partnership

Historic first Formation and Partnership Session in Asia Pacific creates a distinct shift in the understanding of Partnership for Mission

Report from the Asia Pacific Partnership Team

Report from the Asia Pacific Partnership Team

Comprehensive overview from the GSAPP team - how Good Shepherd Partnership for Mission is developing in this region

Lay Mission Partners show Love in Action

Lay Mission Partners show Love in Action

The Love-In-Action Group of lay Mission Partners at St Martha's Hospital Bengaluru India raises funds to provide health services for people living in poverty

St Martha's Hospital - Empowering Women

St Martha's Hospital - Empowering Women

85 young nurses graduate from the College of Nursing at St Martha's Hospital in Bengaluru India