Participation in UN Blue Heart Campaign, in Taiwan

Campaign highlights the rights of migrant workers


Celebrating the end of Ramadan

Thousands of Indonesian workers sat in circles and shared their food at the Taipei Railway Station (TRS) on 27 June 2017 to celebrate the end of the month-long Ramadan, the Islamic holy month of fasting.


Good Shepherd participation in Blue Heart Campaign

 Photo above:  Sister Euphrasia Chang and staff from Good Shepherd Social Welfare

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To demonstrate support to the migrant workers, and to inform the public the migrant workers are one of the most vulnerable communities to human trafficking, Good Shepherd Social Welfare (GSSWF) prepared a campaign stand right outside TRS and held up a large banner of UN’s Anti Human Trafficking (Blue Heart) Campaign in Indonesian slogans.

The logo in shape of a blue heart stands for the sorrow of the victims and the coldness of the offenders.


Promoting the rights of migrant workers

GSSWF also arranged for two Indonesian-speaking interpreters to broadcast important information about the rights and services available to the migrant workers. Aiming to deepen migrant workers’ understanding of labor rules and regulations, GSSWF workers held a ‘question and answer’ contest with prizes - Indonesian Instant Noodles.  Almost a hundred migrant workers participated.


Hopeful comment from a migrant worker....

An Indonesian migrant worker who has lived in Taipei for decades, says Taiwanese nowadays are more open towards foreign workers who want to celebrate religious festivals. In previous times, foreign workers may attract unwanted attention if they attended such activities.