A sacred space in the Philippines

At 'Buhing Yuta' - Living Earth, Sisters producing healthy, sustainable food

Learning about Organic Agriculture and Farming

On August 8-10, 2012 an Organic Agriculture Vermi-Cast and Vermi–Compost Production Training was held in the City Agricultures Office. This was requested by the Missionary Sisters of Mary, and the Contemplative Sisters of the Good Shepherd were invited. Sisters Angelita Clemen and Josefina Estella attended the training. It became an eye opener for us to know and discover that Organic Agriculture and Farming is a way which ensures and enhances environmental system ecological balance and respects the capacity of plants, animals, organism and all life forms.

The first training for Farmers Field School on Organic Farming began on 16 October, 2012 in the front lot of our convent. Our neighbours, friends, Sister Angelita Clemen who was the co-author of this program, together with their farmer in Kalilid attended the 6 weeks sessions held every Wednesday. There were five groups assigned to respective plants such as eggplant, ampalaya, bell paper, tomato, cabbage and cauliflower. We prepared the land preparation for planting, organic fertilizers and spray. Exposure during the training helps us a lot to widen our perspective how to apply in our own garden plot as well as the personal gardens of the participants’ home. We’ve learned to link with other people to engage in organic production and be able to share means and technology to sustain the organic production. The City Agricultures Office and personnel as well as the Department of Agriculture are   making facilities available to us to help our farm to go well and be sustainable. We finished the program on 30 January 2012. Members of the Department of Agriculture and City Agricultures office were present to give us certificates of our training.

A sacred space to pray, and to care for Mother Earth

We are now producing vermi-cast which is good organic fertilizer. We use it in our vegetable garden and rice farm. We were able also to sell some of our produce. Now we are anticipating, waiting for the fruits of our first harvest, rice which we grew in the organic way. This is our advocacy as a community, not so much of the quantity we produced but to promote healthy food which is of good quality and is sustainable.  We continue to make Buhing Yuta “Living Earth” a place to pray, to commune with the mother earth and a sacred space to care for the mother earth and for healing.