Learning English in an International Community

Learning in an immersive environment


On 5th June 2017, nine sisters and lay Mission Partners gathered together at Restful Waters, Singapore for the '“Learn English in an International Community” programme.  Hailing from Indonesia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Pakistan and Sri Lanka, the group comprised six Good Shepherd Sisters, two lay mission partners and a Sister of St. Joseph’s Congregation, Indonesia.


Photo above

Clockwise, from left:  Angelina Prananinggrum, Iranga Karunanayake (in black), Rosie Moe, Lucy Chia, Ignasia Simbolon, Ruby Munir, Nasira Sohan, Martha Hesty Susilowati (partially hidden in pink), Nilushika Fernando, Jacinta Duong.


The participants

Province of Sri Lanka/Pakistan

Sr Nasira Sohan, Pakistan

Sr Ruby Munir, Pakistan

Sr Iranga Karunanayake, Sri Lanka

Sr Nilushika Fernando, Sri Lanka 

Province of East Asia

Sr Jacinta Duong, Vietnam

Sr Rosie Moe, Myanmar

Province of Indonesia

Ms Martha Hesty Susilowati

Ms Angelina Prananingrum

Sisters of St Joseph, Indonesia

Sr Ignasia Simbolon


Experience of the participants, with photos

Click here - Written by Sr Nilushika Fernando on behalf of the participants


The Programme

The 4-week holistic programme’s primary objective is learning English in an immersive environment. 

Other objectives included offering participants a broad spectrum of experiences and learning such as community living in an international community, building relationships, understanding of the different cultures, witnessing Good Shepherd partnership in action in the Province of Singapore-Malaysia, creative prayer, knowing self and others by understanding the personal coping stances, and deepening of Good Shepherd spirituality. 

Secondary objectives are aimed at introducing the evolution story, cosmology, as well as data gathering and documentation practices. 

The programme culminated with each participant giving a presentation on a project they plan to carry out in their country and the support needed.  Through the programme, participants acquired both hard and soft skills necessary to be more effective in mission.


The organizing team

Sister Lucy Chia and Ms Melina Ong led the organizing team.  The programme continues to be inspired by the late Sister Susan Chia who initiated the development of this very effective and helpful programme.


More than teachers

Though the programme is named “Learning English”, participants experienced it as far more than that. Qualified teachers gave the textbook lessons, but the style and content of their teaching incorporated material from the Scriptures and Congregational traditions, reflecting a personal commitment to and love for Jesus the Good Shepherd and St Mary Euphrasia.  Encouragement was offered to participants to explore current issues of each country represented, as well as personal reflections, challenges, dreams and plans.


Integrating session

A two-day integrating session, specially arranged by Restful Waters, was led by Ms Jill McCorquodale.


Excursions and visits

The excursions and visits to different places of interest in Singapore bonded the group in a joyful way.  


Jubilee celebrations with Sr Joan Lopez

The group was happy to be able to participate in the 25th Jubilee of Sr. Joan Lopez, Province Leader of Singapore-Malaysia.  


Messages of gratitude and commitment

'With grateful hearts, we thank Sr. Joan, Sr. Lucy, Ms Melina and the team who gave us this amazing opportunity to learn and enjoy many new experiences.  We feel empowered, confident and renewed in zeal for mission. 

We are also appreciative to our Province Leaders and their teams who selected us and gave us this wonderful opportunity and time of newness. We offer our loving gratitude to all of them.

We promise our leaders, teachers and all who had helped us that we will make use of what we had learnt for the betterment of our lives and for the betterment of our ministries.  It is our wish that this programme will nourish many more of our Sisters and Mission Partners from different countries….  

We are truly thankful for the wonderful memories…

                                                            effective experiences…

                                                            uncountable blessings…


Information submitted by Sr Nilushika Fernando, on behalf of the participants of the 3rd “Learn English in an International Community” programme


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