2017 International Day of the Girl Child, in SW India


Enthusiastic celebrations of important day

Good Shepherd School, Mysore and St Euphrasia’s Girls High School, Bangalore are dedicated mainly to the education of the girls.  They celebrated the International Day of the Girl Child with great enthusiasm.


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St Euphrasia’s Girls High School, Bangalore

Teaching staff, non teaching staff and the students assembled together during the morning school assembly to commemorate this special day.

God's blessings invoked

Children and the staff began the programme by invoking God’s blessings. Holy Scriptures from different religions such as Bhagavath Gita, Koran and the Holy Bible were read out by the students. Prayers were offered for the welfare, progress and education of the girl child.

The speech

The speech was delivered by a student stressing the significance of this day and the problems faced by the girl child, especially in India.

Charts, a skit and a song....

The students exhibited beautiful charts based on the importance of a girl child. A skit was performed by the students emphasizing the need to educate the girl child. A song in Hindi ‘Betiyan’ meaning ‘Girl Child’ was sung by the students expressing the girl child is a precious gift of God.


Good Shepherd School, Mysore

The teaching, non teaching staff and the children from the school celebrated the International Day of the Girl Child. The programme began with a prayer song followed by welcome address.

Chief Guest

Mrs. Maria Wilson, one of the teachers from St. Mathias School, Mysore was the Chief Guest. The chief guest highlighted the various issues the girl children face and also about the UN theme for 2017: “EMPOWER girls: emergency response and resilience planning”.

The skit highlighted Indian society, where parents still consider girls are social and economic burden. The message was:

The girl child is valued; she is precious, honored and loved.”

“Protect the girl child”.

Role plays and Poems

The candidates presented Role plays and poems showing the various problems of girl children.

The Skit - Malala Yusuf speaks....

One of the students from the Group was dressed up like Malala Yusuf, the world’s children’s Nobel Prize winner.  She was introduced as a chief guest of the day’s programme. ‘Malala’ was called to introduce herself to the audience. She spoke about Malala’s life and her struggle to empower the girl children, particularly, in the field of education. It was one of the most beautiful programmes of the day as Malala has been an inspiring Role model for us.

The whole programme was good and informative and brought out a lot of awareness about the problems faced by a girl child such as sexual abuse, rape and molestation, child prostitution, child marriage and exploitation.  Messages were presented through skit, drama and songs.


Submitted by Sr.Vimala Bai, JP Contact, South West India