Say NO to violence against women and children

Resource for awareness, prayer, reflection and action 

This booklet is designed to be a resource for awareness, prayer, reflection and action. It can be used to follow the 16 Days campaign to reflect and pray on human trafficking issues. Although it is focused on the Malaysian scenario of human trafficking, it contains insightful reflections for each day of the campaign which can be applied to any situation/country. 

Through the personal stories shared, we can get a glimpse of how the lives of women and children have been impacted by their experiences of being trafficked and exploited.**


The Booklet

Click here - 16 Days of Prayer for the Nation


The Invitation

As we read about the injustice, oppression and abuse heaped upon them by fellow human beings, let us open our hearts and allow God to move us into responding to the needs of those who are marginalized and oppressed, whether through prayer or other forms of action to “do good; seek justice; help the oppressed; defend the cause of orphans; fight for the rights of widows” (Isaiah 1:17).

We invite you to join us for these 16 days to stand in the gap as we pray for God’s help, mercy, and intervention to end violence against women and children.


Human Trafficking

“Human trafficking - the recruitment, harbouring, and transportation of people solely for the purpose of exploitation - is a debasement of the human person. It is a grotesque injustice rooted in the dynamics of our global world and current global economy. Structures and systems which increase extreme poverty of the vulnerable, support patriarchal hierarchies, and give priority to economic profit above the value of the human person render untold women and children vulnerable to being trafficked for labour and for sexual exploitation. In concert with many forms of gender discrimination and global gender-based violence, the trafficking of women and girls is a violation of their dignity and human rights.


Challenge to Good Shepherd

"It challenges Good Shepherd’s determination to respond, first, to express solidarity with those who have suffered victimization through this horrendous crime. Second, we listen to the experiences of such persons and develop holistic programs to serve their needs. Third, we increase our capacity to understand the dynamics of trafficking so as to support women and girls in healing as well as toward self-empowerment through social supports, personal growth opportunities, and employable skills leading to secure income. Good Shepherd stands with all persons of good will who condemn this phenomena and work to eradicate it.”

This is the Good Shepherd’s position as a global congregation on the phenomena of human trafficking, especially of women and girls.

Human trafficking has long been identified as one of the most pressing needs which Good Shepherd is compelled to respond to at the unit, regional and congregational levels.


Inspiration and gratitude

We acknowledge with gratitude the many partners, sponsors and contributors for their commitment to the Good Shepherd Mission to love and care for women and children who are marginalised and oppressed, “reaching out with compassion and respect, empowering each person to wholeness and full potential.”

May we continue this journey for mission with zeal and hope as we stand together to say NO to violence against women and children.

Chin Poh Choo Executive  Director Good Shepherd Services


**(Names and certain demographic details have been changed to protect the identities of the women and children who were willing to share their stories.)