Good Shepherd presence at Winter Olympics

An organized reponse to women

Sister Droste Kim works within the Good Shepherd 24 hour counselling/referral service available for women who are in situations of domestic violence, sexual harassment, prostitution and similar hardships.


An important role at the Winter Olympics

In response to growing awareness of the scale and impact of sexual assault and inappropriate behaviour at such international events, organizers of the recent Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea planned an organised and advertised contingent of support services. 

Droste formed part of a team of 14,000 volunteers, members of the local community, who maintained a strong presence throughout the Olympics to offer support and a listening ear to women, or men, who may experience abuse or misconduct.  Droste spent hours each day at the Games, available for ministry in her office, the ‘Gender Equality Support Centre’ located under the ski lift at the Phoenix Snow Park. 

Read interesting media articles below, one of which features the work of Sr Droste. 


Media articles

The article from AP News features the work of Sr Droste and an interview with her.

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