International Women's Day 2018

A global movement for change

2018 International Women’s Day comes at a time of unprecedented global movement for women’s rights, equality and justice. Sexual harassment, violence and discrimination against women has captured headlines and public discourse, propelled by a rising determination for change. 

International Women’s Day 2018 is an opportunity to transform this momentum into action, to empower women in all settings, rural and urban, and celebrate the activists who are working relentlessly to claim women’s rights and realize their full potential.

In many countries of Asia Pacific, Good Shepherd communities and organisations used 2018 International Women's Day to highlight the achievements of women and to call for their full empowerment. Click on the links below to see photos of some Good Shepherd celebrations.


Nagpur, CE India

In Nagpur, Central East India, the event included a Rally, a Public Awareness Programme, followed by screening of the Good Shepherd documentary Mahila - A Women's Movement Rising.

Click here for story and photosInternational Women's Day 2018, in Nagpur CE India


Amaravathi, CE India

In Amaravathi, Central East India a public meeting was held, where local leaders including Government Officials expressed their solidarity with women on this day.  In Amaravathi and Mangalagiri regions, the screening of Mahila - A Women's Movement Rising was particularly special because the film was shot at these two sites.  One of the 3 women who had shared her life experiences and other women who were in some parts of the film were present during the screening.

Click here for story and photos - International Women's Day 2018, in Amaravathi CE India


Uttarhalli, SW India

In Uttarhalli, rural Bangalore, a diverse programme included Medical Screening of all participants, Prayer Song, Lighting of Candle, Cultural presentation.  The focus was to raise awareness of the Empowerment of Women.

Click here for story and photosInternational Women's Day 2018 in Uttarhalli, SW India


Sandanapalya, SW India

In Sandanapalya, Karnataka a very interesting programme included games, speeches about women's rights and gender equality by distinguished guests, prizes and gifts, and a delicious lunch.  

Click here for story and photos - International Women's Day 2018 in Sandanapalya, SW India


Join MAHILA's Movement

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UN IWD page

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Prayer for IWD 2018

Prayer for International Women's Day 2018 - Women in the Heart of God, by Sr Teresa Mandakath, Province of South West India


A Reflection....

Women’s day celebrations are occasions for refreshing as well as renewing the spirit of self-esteem and self confidence. It is known fact that equality between women and men is a matter of human rights and a condition for social justice and is also a necessary and fundamental prerequisite for equality, development and peace. A transformed partnership based on equality between women and men is a condition for people-centered sustainable development.

A sustained and long-term commitment is essential, so that women and men can work together for themselves, for their children and for society to meet the future challenges consciously. Efforts like the one the Sisters and the Lay Mission Partners are seeds for women to rise equally in par with men and make the world a better for all.

Mahila documentary is a sign of progress being made at the grass-root-level which should have ripple effect for the change to happen in the lives of women and in the humanity in total. It can be possible through collective and inclusive approach where all living and non-living are respected for the greater interests of all.


‘Gender equality’ is not a slogan; it is an action in everyday of our lives