Good Shepherd Korea plans for the future

Planning for the future, with hope

In conjunction with the Good Shepherd Sisters’ Golden Jubilee in 2016 in Korea, Professor Moonsoo Park of the Graduate School of Theology, Sogang University, South Korea was commissioned to conduct an evaluation report of the Good Shepherd Sisters presence in the country. 

Arising from the results of the evaluation, which was completed in 2017, the apostolic and contemplative sisters held separate gatherings to plan the way forward for the Sector. The apostolic sisters met on 20-21 March and the contemplative sisters met on 22 March, 2018.

The gatherings were facilitated by Theresa Symons, Regional Manager, MDO Asia Pacific.

The conversations were centred around community growth and progress for the apostolic and contemplative mission.  The sisters shared their hopes and desires for community life and aspirations for their respective areas of focus in an atmosphere of sacred space and contemplative dialogue.   

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Gathering of Apostolic Sisters on 20-21 March 2018.

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