Emergency Appeal to Help Victims of Kerala Floods

Your support will help families recover

Good Shepherd International Foundation launches Appeal

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Crisis in Kerala State

Around 1 million people have been displaced and over 400 have died in the worst monsoon flooding in a century in south-western India to hit the Kerala State. At the beginning of August heavy rains and flash flooding caused rivers to overflow and nearly three dozen dams to be breached, resulting in unprecedented devastation and extensive damage to crops and homes. Even though the waters are now receding, people are still in urgent need of assistance and thousands of families impacted by the disaster need to recover. Many lost everything and had their homes ruined or washed away by devastating landslides.

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Impact on small and marginal farmers

The majority of people affected are the poor and small and marginal farmers who had little houses in the valleys and coffee plantation in these areas. A great number lost their livelihood due to devastation of plantations and farmlands. Infrastructures, health centers, schools and houses are heavily damaged or totally destroyed. Access to clean water and sanitation is also an issue.

Response of the sisters

Good Shepherd sisters from all the communities in the Kerala region continue to assist in many ways in helping the affected persons and they are working to provide support and rehabilitation to the most marginalized people living in Alapuzha, Wayanad and Thrissur, one of the hardest hit and most isolated districts impacted by the flooding.

The Sisters need help to fund their efforts as they are organizing to directly address some immediate needs of hundreds of families and to help those who were forced to flee recover by enabling them to come back to their houses and recover farmers’ livelihoods after the flood.

Most urgent requirements

So far the Sisters have coordinated with the Government in the relief work and have carried out a quick survey to identify the most urgent requirements of local communities in the above mentioned districts:

  • Health camps and referral services to provide basic health care, social sanitary assistance and medicines for elderly people, women and children.

  • Houses’ reconstruction, sanitation and access to safe drinking water.

  • Counseling and psychological support to elderly people, women and children who experienced intense psychological trauma.

  • Households utensils, furniture, cots, mattresses.

  • Children school uniforms and books.

  • Reconstruction of flood-ravaged lands of most vulnerable farmers and tribal farm lands (levelling of the lands, rebuilding of dams, seeds, ploughing tools, etc…)

  • Seed money to the Women Self-Help Groups to start their income generation activities.  

Good Shepherd sisters will work alongside Caritas India and other local Catholic organizations to intervene collectively and effectively towards the restoration process and to offer a long-term support to the flood-affected communities in Kerala region.

Your support will help families recover.... 

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21 August 2018