International Day of the Girl

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The United Nations International Day of the Girl is an opportunity to celebrate developments in support of the rights of girl children.  This day seeks to increase awareness of inequality faced by girls worldwide based upon their gender.  Inequality includes areas such as access to education, nutrition, legal rights, medical care, and protection from discrimination, violence and unfree child marriage.

In 72 countries around the world Good Shepherd communities and organisations are partnering with others in developing and operating creative programmes and projects which prepare young women for work.



In Amaravathi, Central East India, Ms M from Madhura village expresses gratitude to Sr Aruna George and all organizers of special event which created learning opportunities for girls. 


In Amaravathi, Central East India

On 11 October 2018, Sisters and Lay Partners of the Good Shepherd invited girl children from neighbouring villages to participate in a Day of Reflection leading to drawing up a Plan of Action.  As many as 127 girls enjoyed the creative learning and reflective atmosphere based around the screening of videos highlighting the rights of the Girl Child:  Right to Life, Right to Education, Right to Family Life at the Right Age, Right to Property, Right to Equal Wage for Equal Work. Songs were sung, motivational speeches, meals shared, also games and distribution of prizes.

Photos and Full Story

Read a comprehensive overview of the situation of the girl child in India, and view some good photos.

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In Philippines

A series of orientations was conducted on the status of the girl-child in the Philippines, on October 11, 12 and 17, as well as suggestions on how to protect, promote and fulfill their rights as children.  More than one hundred twenty (120+) participants attended the sessions from RGS managed schools and from some programs beneficiaries.  Sessions highlighted the realities of the Filipino girl-child per the 2015 Beijing Platform for Action: Philippine Progress Report, such as: Child Labor, Pornography, In Conflict with the Law, Teenage Pregnancy, Early Marriage, Multiple forms of Abuse and Discrimination, Cybersex.

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In Opportunity Village, Nepal

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Prayer for the Girl Child

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