'Raise Your Voice' Conference, in Indonesia

Advancement of Child Equality Worldwide 

Conference in Bali, Indonesia 12-14 December 2018


Photo - Ms Martha Hesty and Sr Afrida Sri Maryani

'Raise Your Voice' Conference

2018 was the year to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child.  PUSKAPA (‘Pusat Kajian dan Advokasi Perlindungan dan Kualitas Hidup Anak’) translates to ‘Center on Child Protection and Wellbeing’ and the Care and Protection of Children (CPC) Learning Network organized VOICE (Viable and Operable Ideas for Child Equality) International Conference to strengthen our effort to eliminate violence against children and most importantly to prevent violence against children.

Conference themes

The Conference was held on 12 – 14 December 2018 in Bali International Convention Center, Nusa Dua, Bali. The conference themes included:

  • Children, Climate Change, and Migration.

  • Social Norms That Underlie Harms For Children.

  • Children and Technology.

There were many interdisciplinary experts, practitioners, social workers, scientist or scholars and policy makers from all around the world who participated and presented their research which is related to the themes of the Conference. 

Personal reflections of Ms Martha Hesty

Sr. Afrida Sri Maryani and I attended the conference and we gained a lot of knowledge about child rights, violence against children, social norms that are harmful for children and the problems in society related to the issue of children, especially in Indonesia. Many experts, practitioners and scientists described their successful programs and what we should guide our interventions toward children who are survivors of violence. This enriched our knowledge and understanding about programs and interventions. Also it encouraged us to think about prevention. Moreover, we met Mark Canavera, the Co-Director of CPC Learning Network who has been working for the past several years with Good Shepherd International. We really enjoyed the conference, we improved our capacity and also built the network.

In my opinion, Good Shepherd Indonesia should participate and contribute in other Conferences in the future, similar to this program or other research projects. And the most important thing we should do is base our work on evidence-based program; in our restructuring process, we realize that we need to be the best-practice ministry. So, the opportunity such as this conference is important to develop our knowledge, our capacity, our role and network. Our contribution to address the issue of children is urgently needed, especially in Indonesia. In this conference, some notable people who are working in the government of Indonesia declared that the government is open to work together with other institutions in addressing the issues of children.

A Personal Sharing by Ms. Martha Hesty (a lay Mission Partner from Indonesia)


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Photos from top:  Martha and Afrida, 

Martha at entrance to Conference venue,  

Martha with Mr Canavera, Co-Director of CPC Learning Network,

Afrida with one of the conference participants.