Showcasing the creative work of women

Flores Women take a special place in Indonesia Fashion Week 

The sisters on the island of Flores, Indonesia work with women who are migrants and at risk of being trafficked.  They assist them to use their traditional skills and designs for contemporary markets.  During Indonesia Fashion Week 2019, some of their handwoven fabrics were incorporated into the production of high quality fashion.


Towards Indonesia Fashion Week 30 March 2019

Written by Sr Goretti Samosir


For almost 2 years we have been trying to develop a market for the handwork of many women who are in our accompaniment  in our Good Shepherd Mission. This is part of our Chapter plan in reduce the rising number of victims of trafficking and illegal migration.

While we see many positive things in the way our society operates, many sources are not being explored to be used wisely.  Some women are good in training handicraft; some women are very diligent in working things out. Some people like to explore the natural color, others like to combine the thread color before they weave it.  There are women who are good at weaving.  In other places there are women who are good at embroidery and others have the skills for computer design so they design fine chasubles and others use the machines…. I could see the interest when the women were given the opportunity to show what they were achieving in a big exhibition in National level.

Once I was invited to collaborate with designer cooperation for Fashion Week Indonesia on 30th of March 2019.

I brought up our weaving material as made by women in Flores.  They weave the traditional design using cotton thread. And the design color combination accompanied by our sisters.  Behind the traditional design they have the story either about nature or a part of their body that they appreciate more.

We support our sisters who have assisted women in Flores to weave. Their material is good, the colors are modern.  Any generation will like it.  We thank God for being invited to collaborate with Purana, the Indonesian designer who has impressed many people.  I was grateful for this opportunity.  Not only the women appreciate what they have done, the designers also enjoy the ethnic designs with modern color…. and also Indonesia appreciates the collaboration which brings women into connection and which can build solidarity.  I hope this occasion will inspire many to highlight what women doing in the margins to be appreciated in National/ International demand.  The solidarity will help women to be aware of their capacity to create work around them, it will prevent women becoming the victims of the false dream of trafficking and illegal migration.

In Good Shepherd we are able to play our part with many other organisations 

to work towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

in the area of Fashion work

and enable the empowerment of all the people who produce the beautiful fabrics.


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