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GSIF Vision, Mission, Values

GSIF Annual Report 2020 - link below

GSIF Vision, Mission and Values descend from the legacy and values of the Congregation of Our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd, inspiring the organization to provide an effective, human rights-based response to the needs of today of girls, women and children who suffer from poverty, exploitation and violence.

GSIF Vision

We envision inclusive societies where girls, women and children are empowered and enjoy full human rights.

GSIF Mission

GSIF is a value-based non-profit organization committed to supporting the programs of the Sisters of Our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd for vulnerable children, girls and women, promoting the rights of people living in poverty, affected by human trafficking, migration, gender-based violence and other forms of discrimination.

GSIF Values

• Person-centred approach to development • Inclusion • Trust and Respect • Partnership and Collaboration • Transparency and Accountability

What we do

The Good Shepherd International Foundation supports the programs of the Sisters of Our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd and their partners in Africa, Middle East, Asia Pacific and Latin America, that strive to protect and promote human rights and economic justice in the poorest countries and communities of the world, with the objective of eradicating poverty, preventing human trafficking, protecting the rights of migrants, and protecting girls, women and children from all forms of violence and discrimination. 

2020 GSIF Organisational Model

GSIF developed this structure through an organizational review process to design a model that can ensure sustainability and help GSIF grow to become more effective in achieving its mission. This organizational model will help GSIF move forward by strongly articulating the close connection between the founding values, that descend from the Congregation’s vision and mission, and the organizational values that will inform leadership style and organizational behaviors. The journey of reflection and co-creative design of the GSIF organizational model started in January 2019, and the model took effect starting from 1 July 2020.



Since 2008 the Mission Development Office has been registered in Italy as the Good Shepherd International Foundation ONLUS. The Foundation is managed by a Board of Directors, appointed by the Congregational Leadership Team. The Board is chaired by the President.


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Annual Report 2020

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Dr Cristina Durante, Mission Development Office Dr Cristina Durante, Director


The staff of GSIF based in Rome includes:

  • Cristina Duranti - Director

  • Calogero Gugliotta - Chief Financial Officer & Child Safeguarding Focal Point

  • Clizia Straccamore - Executive Assistant Finance & Administration Desk

  • Laura Talamonti - Finance & Admin Officer Program Cycle Management Quality Desk

  • Simone Capolupo - Project Cycle Management Quality Desk Manager

  • Giovanna Reda - Learning & Capacity Development Desk Manager

  • Sara Braga - Communication & Fundraising Desk Manager

  • Giuseppe Ragone - Creativity Specialist

  • Andrea Curreri - Regional Working Group Coordinator


Regional developments

2018 Launch of new branch 2018 Launch of new branch of GSIF, in Nepal

In 2010 the Province of Lebanon-Syria began to develop a local MDO in Lebanon which works in collaboration with the MDO in Rome and is coordinated by Sr. Antoinette Assaff. Thanks to the support offered by the Australian Volunteers Association, which provided a professional volunteer for 2 years the office has been established and is now supporting the sisters in Lebanon and Syria to fundraise for their programs with national and international partners.

In 2013, the MDO began to work with the Province of Bolivia-Chile and the Provincial leaders of REAL to develop an MDO Latin America , based in Bolivia, supporting the projects of the sisters in the region.

In 2016, an MDO was established in Asia Pacific.  Ms Theresa Symons is the Regional Manager., based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  The Office mirrors the services offered by GSIF Rome such as capacity building, organizational development, resource mobilization and monitoring and evaluation.  

In 2018, after collaborating over the years with the Good Shepherd sisters in their work in human trafficking prevention and child protection in Nepal, the GSIF established a local branch based in Kathmandu.  GSIF Nepal will strengthen the Good Shepherd mission in Nepal, by offering more effective support to the programs through capacity building and organizational development activities.



GSIF receives Award - 25 October 2018

Good Shepherd International Foundation was presented with an award by the Lang Foundation as High Performing Non Profit. The award was presented in Milan to Cristina Durante, accompanied by team members Andrea Curreri and Sara Braga, and Brother Allen Sherry, board member, on Philanthropy Day in the presence of national and international speakers. 

GSIF was recognised for: 

  • Investing on the capacity and sustainability of non profit organizations.

  • Focusing on the results achieved by the organization rather than on its 'overhead'.

  • Designing projects based on the Theory of Change that puts outcomes rather than outputs at the forefront.

For more information on the Award go to


Other significant Achievements

Some achievements:

  • Consolidated the network of traditional Catholic funding agencies (Misean Cara Ireland, Missio Aachen, Kindermissionswerk, MIVA NL, Misereor, Italian Bishops Conference, Hilton Fund, Koch foundation) who have been supporting the sisters in the past and created relationships with new agencies and private donors;

  • Improved the overall quality of the proposals presented to the funding agencies, increased their level of accountability, and contributed to raise the profile of the Good Shepherd Sisters with international partners and in the social media community;

  • Achieved a success rate in grant-seeking of 80%;

  • Created a new website featuring the projects of the Good Shepherd Sisters in Africa, Asia, and Latin America supported by the MDO and developed an active community on the Social media on Facebook and Twitter

  • Produced film Mahila: A Women's Movement Rising in 2018, featuring a Good Shepherd Economic Justice Project in CE India.  

    The film is available at this link -

    The Reflection Guide is available at this link -