Justice Peace

The Vision

 That all God’s creation experiences the fullness of life.


The Role

The Good Shepherd Asia Pacific Justice Peace network animates justice and peace initiatives in the region advocating on the four priority issues: Anti-Trafficking, Migration, Economic Justice and Ecological Justice.



Notable achievements of the Network so far include:


  • Attendance of 37 Mission Partners - sisters and lay - from 11 countries, at the Asia Pacific NGO Forum on Beijing +15 held in Manila in 2009. 

              United in a Bright Future - The experience of the Forum.




  • A survey conducted throughout the APJP Network in 2009. The objective of this was to keep in touch with members of the Network and to review the actions plans made on the 4 priority areas; Human Trafficking, Migration, Economic Justice and Ecological Justice.

  • A toolkit with resource materials, ranging from Good Shepherd Position Papers to TIP reports has been developed for use throughout the Network.

  • Represented the Asia Pacific Justice Peace Network in the Economic Justice Workshops held in Rome in 2012 and in Bangkok in 2013.

  • Shared resources and experiences on Justice and Peace with sisters from the region.

  • Regional workshops, meetings, campaigns have been organised for Justice Peace Contact Persons in the Network.

  • 'The Cries of Women' Book 1 and 2.  Stories from the APJP Network. 


Team Members 2018

Asia Pacific Justice Peace Team 2016 Asia Pacific Justice Peace Team 2016

Sr Niluka Perera - Sri Lanka/Pakistan

Sr Virginia Kim – Northeast Asia

Sr Taskila Nicholas – Central East India/Nepal

Ms Arlene Manoharan - South West India

Sr Lucy Aung Sian Zam - East Asia

Sr Caroline Price - Australia/Aotearoa-New Zealand


From Left to Right:

Joan Lopez, Niluka, Virginia, Arlene, Taskila, Lucy


Process of Integration begins

Following the Congregational Chapter 2015, the Asia Pacific Circle authorized a process to move towards the Integration of the four Teams of Asia Pacific:  Formation, Partnership for Mission, Spirituality, Justice Peace. The stage is set to reflect on the powerful Chapter Direction Statement which challenged Good Shepherd sisters and lay Mission Partners to go beyond, risk to respond to global issues, co-create and be co-responsible for the mission. 


First Good Shepherd Asia Pacific Integration Meeting

The first meeting of the GSAP Integration Committee was held in Singapore from 7-8 October 2018.

Click here for summary of meeting - http://www.goodshepherd-asiapacific.org.au/project/312


Series of Preliminary Meetings

Read about the series of preliminary meetings: 

Click here for Historic meeting Formation, Spirituality, Partnership for Mission, Justice Peace Teams August 2016 - http://www.goodshepherd-asiapacific.org.au/project/180 

Click here for Integration for Mission Session August 2017 - http://www.goodshepherd-asiapacific.org.au/project/239

Click here for Towards Integration for Mission session November 2017 - http://www.goodshepherd-asiapacific.org.au/project/253