The Vision

Good Shepherd Initial Formation within the Asia Pacific region will be holistic, experiential and transformative.  It will integrate new information and understandings of religious life and the world around us in order to enable formation to be a vibrant, just and evolving system.

The focus of the Formation Team is the initial stages of formation of Sisters in the Asia Pacific region.  Working together and learning from each other to ensure a holistic and relevant formation that prepares, renews and sustains candidates to religious life in today’s realities. It aims to provide support for the development of the Holistic Model of formation in the provinces.  



  1. All members of the Formation Team have participated in the 2 Modules:  Formation - A Living Story at the Heart of Good Shepherd Mission, sponsored by the Congregational Leadership Team, held in the Philippines.

  2. Following this, the Team commits to plan programmes for follow-up learnings and skill development so as to continue to nurture new life in the Provinces of Asia Pacific. 

  3. The Team also commits to share and tap resources with other regions in the implementation of the holistic model.

  4. The Team has developed guidelines for growth assessment making use of the criteria for the different levels of formation.


The Role

  1. Plan programmes for Formators at the Asian level.

  2. Monitor the implementation of action plans for holistic model and give feedback to the Provinces.

  3. Gather feedback from the sisters in formation regarding implementation of the holistic model.

  4. Share and tap resources with other regions in the implementation of the holistic model.

  5. Develop practical guidelines.

  6. Build resource material base like videos, music, articles for the use of the Provinces.

  7. Keep records and documentation.


Team Members 2018

Meeting in Sri Lanka Asia Pacific Formation Core Team meets in Colombo, Sri Lanka in 2018

Sr Roshanthi Ranwatta - Sri Lanka/Pakistan (Chairperson)

Sr Imelda Sikul - Singapore/Malaysia

Sr Sashi Kala - Central East India/Nepal

Sr Teresa Tran - East Asia

Sr Anne Marie Fernandes - South West India

Sr Susan Montano - Philippines

Sr Sadhani Welmillage -  Sri Lanka/Pakistan (Contemplative representative)

Sr Maria Placida Kim - North East Asia

Sr Veronica Endah - Indonesia


Left to right:  Sisters Sadhani Welmillage, Sashi Kala, Veronica Endah, Imelda Sikul, Susan Montano, Roshanthi Ranwatta, Anne Marie Fernandes, Teresa Tran, Placida Kim.


Process of Integration

Following the Congregational Chapter 2015, the Asia Pacific Circle authorized a process to move towards the Integration of the four Teams of Asia Pacific:  Formation, Partnership for Mission, Spirituality, Justice Peace. The stage was set to reflect on the powerful Chapter Direction Statement which challenged Good Shepherd sisters and lay Mission Partners to go beyond, risk to respond to global issues, co-create and be co-responsible for the mission. 

First Good Shepherd Asia Pacific Integration Meeting

The first meeting of the GSAP Integration Committee was held in Singapore from 7-8 October 2018.

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Series of Preliminary Meetings

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