Feeling at home in Good Shepherd


I collaborate with the sisters in the Philippines as Resource Development Manager since 2016. Prior to joining the ministry, I worked for international humanitarian and development organizations doing project management, technical support, and policy work in the region. My fields of interest are results based management, capacity building, policy, and research.

When I first joined in 2016, I was amazed by the diverse and unique services that the sisters and lay mission partners provide across the country. I knew from then that I am home. The rich history of sisters’ presence both in Church and nation building is an admirable tradition of zeal and creative fidelity to their vocation. Though my work does not involve direct interaction with our clients and beneficiaries, I have the chance to witness our transformative work and share my talents in many ways. While my role is resource development, I knew I had to understand each particular ministry and communicate with each staff.

I went on a short leave from my position in 2017 to try out if religious life was for me. I went to Baguio to discern with a religious order but even then, the support of the sisters had been constant. After a brief period, I decided to go out and continue working as a lay mission partner of the sisters. Like before, it was like coming home.

In Good Shepherd

My work with the sisters primarily involves developing projects and maintaining relationships with existing and prospective donors. But developing resources for the ministry takes a lot of forms. On average, our programs require at least 1 million USD to operate annually. With the global trend in aid flow, international organizations are pulling out their resources in the country to somewhere else which affects many of our existing programs.

Moreover, we have bold ideas for new programs to address the issues of the time such as online sexual exploitation of children. Thus strengthening of local mission capital is challenging yet an imperative to my work. With the exemption of our social enterprises, the general public has little knowledge about the bulk of our ministry. From outreach work to women and girls in situations of trafficking and prostitution to our ministry to indigenous people, there is a lot of work to do in promoting our mission so that others may have the interest to collaborate.

The Challenges

The work of financing the programs and ensuring that our work is done with quality standard is enormous. But I do not worry.

The Inspiration

I always draw inspiration from the words of Mother Euphrasia when she said, 'It can be said in all truth that there is a quite special Providence for Good Shepherd Houses. Often they seem destitute but they have never lacked what is necessary; one way or another God has always come to their aid.'

God will always come to our aid that’s for sure. How beautiful.


Report from the Asia Pacific Partnership Team

Report from the Asia Pacific Partnership Team

Comprehensive overview from the GSAPP team - how Good Shepherd Partnership for Mission is developing in this region