Believing in the Power of Love


I was born as the youngest in the famiy on October 28, 1976. When I was about 27, I had surgery. At that time I prayed to God that if I’m healthy again, I will live for God. I became healthy again, but failed to keep my promises. I remembered the promise but I pushed aside the idea because I was afraid and wanted to enjoy life in the place where I was working.

At that time, I was not sure if God was calling me to become a sister.  I was aware that my parents would not support me as they were practicing Confucianism. 

But I continued to thirst for something more. So I truly began to reflect about my life. “What do I want in my life? What will make me happy?” The question helped me realize that God was already guiding my heart and was sending people into my life to lead me towards and prepare me to become a sister.

So I decided to join the Good Shepherd Sisters, just like my two older sisters who are religious in another congregation.

My journey began...

In Good Shepherd

I made my First Profession in 2012, and my Final Vows in 2018.

I have been missioned to various Good Shepherd ministries.

Since my profession I have been involved in social work in different issues – residential programme for teenage girls, women and children experiencing domestic violence, residential programme for single mothers. After my Final Vows I received a new mission as Vocation Mission Promotion Coordinator in South Korea. I have experienced and enjoyed His companionship, which has nourished me at all times.

It was a moment where I really experienced how Jesus taught me to have a shepherd heart in accompanying people who are poor, especially those who experience marginalization, and those who feel unwanted and unloved.

The Challenges

I was challenged when I was sent to India for my internationality experience.

I found the climate, food, language and culture difficult as it was very different from Korea. I had to let go of my ego and accept the changes and situations as they came. I realized that everything will pass.

Through these experiences, I have learned that I could continue to grow to be flexible, patient and comfortable with changes and unstructured life.

I also experienced the Good Shepherd spirit, our charism of merciful love and mission of reconciliation. 

But it is still a big challenge for me to accept my limitations and be joyful in privations.

The Inspiration

In 2018, I attended a session at the Spirituality Centre in our Mother House in Angers, France. The theme was “Love, the Heart of the Universe” and I thought a lot of about God’s dream, love, and my dream. I recognize all of creation remains connected to God. I constantly reflect on how I and all I am connected to ... my family, my community, my ministry, the programme participants, the youths, and all of creation... can journey together with an open mind, open heart and open will. I will try to continuously transform myself.


 The power of love makes the impossible possible!


Province Chapter, Northeast Asia

Province Chapter, Northeast Asia

The Province of Northeast Asia was the first in the Asia Pacific region to hold its Chapter from 10 – 18 October, 2019 and Sister Stella Rhee was elected as new Province Leader

Celebrating 50 years since the founding of Good Shepherd in Korea

Celebrating 50 years since the founding of Good Shepherd in Korea

Golden Jubilee celebrations in South Korea include a monthly retreat for the sisters, production of Good Shepherd resources, a Walking Pilgrimage and a Mass

Report from the Asia Pacific Partnership Team

Report from the Asia Pacific Partnership Team

Comprehensive overview from the GSAPP team - how Good Shepherd Partnership for Mission is developing in this region