The melody lives on....

Sharon was born in Wellington, New Zealand in 1941.  Her loving family environment provided the impetus for her call to the mission of Good Shepherd.  After meeting Mother John Eudes, the zealous and inspirational New Zealand Leader, Sharon knew she wanted to be a Good Shepherd Sister.  She was touched by the warmth and humanity of Mother John Eudes.

For many years Sharon worked in Centres for Teenage girls in Auckland, Wellington, and Lower Hutt and continued to keep in touch with some of the Centre residents to the end of her life.

Sharon moved to Sydney where she worked with Sr. Noelene White on the streets of Kings Cross – a ‘red light’ district.  

Then Sharon was invited to join the Centre for Ecology and Spirituality in the Hunter Valley, New South Wales, working in a multi-Congregational project with Sr Kay McGrath.  She found those 12 years to be very exciting and challenging as she embraced newer understandings of the Universe story being revealed through Science. 

Returning to Auckland, New Zealand 19 years later, Sharon held Good Shepherd leadership roles and formed part of a team at a Spirituality Centre, assisting people through Spiritual Direction, Counselling and Supervision.  

Sharon's love for music was a lifelong joy to her, and to others.  Before joining Good Shepherd she spent years involved in orchestras, as violinist and as singer.  Over more recent years she enjoyed creating and recording songs which have been used in Good Shepherd gatherings, particularly in Australia and New Zealand, and in the Asia Pacific region.  A favourite song celebrated St Mary Euphrasia - 'You Are the Song!'

Sharon died on 22 April 2019 in Auckland, New Zealand from long standing health issues and complications following surgery.  She was supported, in particular, by Sisters Mary Feehan and Teresa Donworth, and members of her family.


Oh God, you are Persuasive Love

at the heart of the Universe

Calling, urging, inviting us onward

ever new, ever loving......



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