Faith and hope in Jesus the Good Shepherd


I was born in Batangas, the place where the first Good Shepherd house in the Philippines was founded 100 years ago.

In Good Shepherd

Since my First Profession in 2008, I have been missioned to various Good Shepherd ministries. I was first assigned to the Good Shepherd Home in Naga City where I served as group mother to girls who were mostly survivors of sexual abuse. After two years, I transferred to an urban poor area in Manila where I did pastoral work with groups of women in BEC (Basic Ecclesial Communities) for a year. We did weekly Bible sharing and at the same, we ran a programme to assist the economic needs of the families in the community. After a year of theological studies, I was sent to Hong Kong for my internationality experience and was involved in ministry to Filipino migrants for 10 months.

In these experiences of formation in mission, I have come face to face with a world broken and wounded and through this have known more the depths of God’s mercy and love. 

The Challenges

Then, in my apostolic year (2014-2015) I was missioned as residence coordinator in Bukid Kabataan Center, a Good Shepherd residential ministry catering to boys and girls (aged 7-12) who were abandoned, neglected or suffered physical or sexual abuse.  Two other sisters and I worked closely with our staff, our partners in mission, to assure the welfare of the children in our care. Day to day, in that ministry I felt called to be a witness of God’s compassion to the children who experienced life’s difficulties at an early age.  Through the services of the center which include homelife, education, psychological healing and others, we tried to make each child feel secure, loved and cared for.

Now I live in the Provincialate community and am involved  in the Province Vocation Mission Promotions ministry. 

The Inspiration

Journeying with others towards justice, healing and wholeness can be long, painful and even frustrating at times.  Without the zeal to labor for others, without the love that flows from God’s own heart, without my own experience of God’s love and forgiveness, I would have easily surrendered in mission. But I keep my faith and pin my hope on Jesus, the Good Shepherd who alone can bring fullness of life to all. 




Report from the Asia Pacific Partnership Team

Report from the Asia Pacific Partnership Team

Comprehensive overview from the GSAPP team - how Good Shepherd Partnership for Mission is developing in this region