Congregational Chapter 2015

Congregational Chapter 2015

The Congregational Chapter was held at the Mother House, Angers France from 7 June – 2 July 2015.

Congregational Leadership Team 

We are pleased to announce the new Congregational Leadership Team has been appointed:

Congregational Leader – Ellen Kelly, USA
Apostolic Councilor – Bridget Paily, India
Apostolic Councilor – Zelna Oosthuizen, South Africa
Apostolic Councilor – M. Susana Franco, Paraguay
Contemplative Councilor – Jude Ellen Golumbieski, USA
Contemplative Councilor – Mirian Colala, Ecuador
Apostolic Councilor – Josita Corera, Sri Lanka
Apostolic Councilor – Frances Robinson, Ireland
Apostolic Councilor – Hanan Youssef, Lebanon
Contemplative Councilor – Lily Devasia Kunnanattu, India

Theme of the Chapter

Energized by the Spirit we risk together for mission…..


Description of Logo

From the crook that is in the centre, we feel the presence of Jesus the Good Shepherd who journeys with us, and the Spirit which energizes us to risk together in finding new and different ways to live the mission.

The variety of colours and their movement revive in us an inner strength which involves our whole being and encourages us to live in constant transformation.

The coloured lines represent the 5 continents and invite us to continue creating networks in favor of justice and peace in the world.

The open Spiral encourages us to live in constant readiness to put aside all that does not give life, allowing our hearts to reveal all that helps us to experience more inclusive communities and apostolates.


The Congregational Chapter

From the Constitutions of the Congregation of Our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd

‘The congregational chapter is a collegial assembly and the highest authority within the congregation.  Representative of the congregation, it is a sign of unity and an expression of the participation and interest of all the members in the progress of our mission.  It is a spiritual event, a time of corporate reflection and conversion.  By promoting renewal in the spirit of our charism, the chapter safeguards our heritage and is a source of life and inspiration for the entire congregation.'  (Constitution 116)

The congregational chapter:

  • Elects the congregational leader and members of congregational councils.

  • Examines reports on the affairs of the congregation, and directions submitted by province chapters, assemblies and individual sisters.

  • Addresses issues of general concern and decides directions for the entire congregation.  (cf Constitution 116)


The congregational chapter is composed of ex-officio members and the delegates elected by the province chapters and the congregational assembly of contemplative sisters.  The ex-officio members are the congregational leader, her councils and province leaders. (Constitution 120)


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Congregational Chapter 2015

More than 100 sister participants will meet in Angers from 7 June to 2 July 2015.  For the first time, 10 lay Mission Partners will participate fully in the chapter (from 7 – 19 June).  Proceedings will be conducted in three languages:  English, French and Spanish.  Simultaneous translation is provided by a team of professional interpreters.

Facilitators      Ms Jill McCorquodale and Patricia Fawkner, Good Samaritan Sister

Presenter        Philip Pinto, Christian Brother

Agenda 7 – 19 June    Sister Brigid Lawlor, Congregational Leader, and the Congregational Leadership Team (CLT) will present their 2009-2015 Report.

Reports will also be presented by the Congregational Treasurer, Mission Development Office, Justice and Peace Office, Congregational Spirituality Centre and the Mother House.  These presentations will lead into discussion of Chapter Matters and Priorities.

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