Formation & Partnership Core Teams meet in Singapore

Historic meeting to plan for the future

Representatives of Formation and Partnership Core Teams meet to develop a 

Co-Responsibility Framework for Good Shepherd Mission

           Modules for Mission Partners – Lay and Sisters


Representatives from the Asia Pacific Formation and Partnership teams - sisters and lay Mission Partners - met at Good Shepherd Place in Singapore on 7-8 July 2016.  The purpose of the meeting was to develop a module on Co-Responsibility for Mission, to be used in the formation of Mission Partners – sisters and lay partners. Sr Anne Dalton facilitated the session.


Where common formation is needed

While there are aspects of formation which pertain particularly to sisters, and other aspects which apply to lay people, there is a need for common formation in the shared area of working together in mission – where we are ALL co-responsible for the mission. This meeting focused on that need. We are all used to participating in formation – this is not new to us. The difference is we can now do it together – sisters and lay partners together, sisters only or lay partners only - being formed in a co-responsible model of working together in mission.


Developing a Framework

The desired outcome was to develop a Framework and identify the components for a module on 'Co-responsibility for Mission' which could be used by sisters and lay partners together. We agreed this module is not only for new mission partners but also for experienced mission partners – sisters and lay – so that at all levels we are growing in our capacity to work in a co-responsible model for mission.


A shared responsibility             

Pope Francis in Laudato Si in calling us to uphold the dignity of the Earth, reminded us that the call to work together in a co-responsible manner is not an option but a responsibility, “....a question of justice, since the world (Good Shepherd Mission) we have received also belongs to those who come after us”.   WE have a responsibility to pass on to those who come after us this treasure that is Good Shepherd Mission.


Providing consistency and flexibility

The Framework developed by the group outlines the Purpose of the formation module and names the key components. The module will provide consistency in content across Units but flexibility for each Unit to implement it in a way most suitable at local level.


Purpose of Co-Responsibility Modules

Purpose of Co-Responsibility Modules:

  • The sustainability of Good Shepherd Mission into the future.

  • To be in strategic alignment with the 2015 Good Shepherd Congregational Chapter Directions Paper.

  • To build Mission competence in all Good Shepherd Mission Partners –Sisters and Lay.

  • To have a practical model for enablement of co-responsibility.


Presentation to APC 

The Formation Module will be presented to the Asia Pacific Circle for endorsement at their meeting in August 2016.


Next steps....

To continue working in an integrated way, a further meeting of the two Core teams is being planned for early 2017.



Left to right

Sr Anne Dalton, Ms Gendrie Klein-Breteler, Sr Salomi Cruz, Mrs Sashirekha Natarajan, Sr Noelene White, Sr Kevin Yin Yin, Sr Susan Montano, Sr Roshanthi Ranwatta, Sr Anne Marie Fernandes