Historic meeting of Asia Pacific Teams, in Sri Lanka

In search of Integration


Good Shepherd Mission Partners Asia-Pacific in Search of Integration

Serene Pastures, Good Shepherd Convent, Bolawalana, Sri Lanka

August 5 & 6, 2016


In response to the Congregational Directive, the APC organized a dialogue to develop clear strategic plans integrating Spirituality, Justice and Peace with the best ministry practices.

The group of 29 participants including Sr. Bridget Paily, CLT, 10 Unit Leaders, Representatives from Partnership, Formation, Justice & Peace and Spirituality Core Teams, 3 representatives from the International Core teams on Formation, Community for Mission and Partnership, along with MDO Regional Manager – APC, searched together to explore new pathways under the able facilitation of Ms Jill McCorquodale.

The Good Shepherd Asia Pacific Partnership team set the tone for the meeting with meaningful reflections on valuable quotes from ‘Laudato Si’, Saint Mary Euphrasia and Philip Pinto cfc and a reflective song “You are the centre”.


International initiatives

The CLT has initiated this integration of spirituality, justice and peace, mission development and John 13 as a friendship model of leadership and community by creating five committees:  Formation, Risking for Life, Community for Mission, Good Shepherd Partnership and Creators of a New Now.

Representatives from three of the teams namely Sr. Salomi Cruz from Formation, Sr. Theresa Pham from Community for Mission and Dr. Jason Furtado from Partnership presented their process in ensuring that Friendship is at the heart of Community, Formation is at the heart of Mission and  Mission is at the heart of Partnership. Each person shared the proposed process, key groups to engage, key resources and possible tasks for the teams and CLT. All the teams highlighted the need to integrate co-responsibly for the growth, development and sustenance of the Good Shepherd Mission.


Partnership and Co-responsibility for Mission

Ms Gendrie Klein–Breteler and Sr. Anne Marie Fernandes jointly presented a sample framework on Co-responsibility for Mission, which could be used as a tool to form Mission Partners (sisters and lay) on Partnership and Co-responsibility.  This was the outcome of the initiative of the Good Shepherd Asia Pacific Partnership (GSAPP) and Formation Core teams to integrate and share their best methods in July 2016 at Good Shepherd Place, Singapore. 


Understanding Integration

Jill explained the meaning of Integral approach as meta- paradigms drawing out the best of separate paradigms into a network of interrelated mutually enriching perspectives, and awakened us to shift our consciousness and respond to the signs of time.  She presented Spiral Dynamics - a model of adult BioPsycho Social development.


Spiral Dynamics

Click here to see more details of the Model - Good Shepherd Mission Partners Asia Pacific In Search of Integration


It was an enlightening experience to become aware of the urgent and compulsive need for a personal transformation. It challenged us to work at transforming the Individual / Internal and Collective / Internal and not to focus on external aspects of change alone. This evolution would impact the identity of the leader as well as the whole world where we are called to serve. This integral approach and shift of consciousness is the first step to expanding the vision and action in the Good Shepherd Mission.  As leaders in a community, each one has to analyse and understand from what world view each person is involved in the mission.



Through a series of well woven stories and resources such as “Leadership and the New Science”, the disturbed and awakened group learnt that:

‘out of chaos comes order and new levels of understanding’,

‘Information is the source of all change’,

‘Relationships are very valuable for the growth of an organisation’ and

‘Vision is an invisible field which emerges from interaction within the team resulting in the discovery of new forms of organisational life’.


Integrated Approach 

Theresa Symons shared a model of Integration which aims at Rights based Good Shepherd programs with well-defined outcomes incorporating advocacy for systemic changes. The J&P Office, Spirituality Centre and MDO’s function are to ensure that these meta-paradigms are integrated in the programmes. The success of the model is based on inducting the mission partners (enablers) into the above three approaches to make it the core of the Good Shepherd Mission programme.


Transformational Leadership Programme

The Formation Team proposed a holistic formation programme for Capacity Building for Leadership now and into the future which is experiential, process oriented and transformative. The programme is tentatively planned in two sessions in 2017 & 2018.


A sense of Gratitude

“Thank you for disturbing us,

Thank you for awakening us,

Thank you for unraveling to us,

New colours, new shades, new ideas –

Yellow and Turquoise we aspire to be !

Thank you for teaching us to explore and surf,

To integrate and form a NEW NOW!”