Asia Pacific Partnership Team meets in Singapore 2017

Proud to be part of emerging history


The GSAPP Team held its recent meeting in Good Shepherd Place, Singapore from 13-17 February 2017. Ten members (5 sisters and 5 lay) Mission Partners representing each Unit of Asia-Pacific spent a fruitful time exploring new pathways to inculcate co-responsibility in mission.


Photo - GSAPP Team 2017

Seated left to right:  Sr. Rasangi Fernando (Sri Lanka/Pakistan), Ms Maricel Sevilla  (Philippines), Sr. Noelene White (Australia/Aotearoa-New Zealand), Sr. Kevin Yin Yin (East Asia), Mrs Sashirekha Natarajan (CE India/Nepal)

Standing left to right:  Sr. Luciana Dwi Salami/Salami (Indonesia), Dr. Jason Furtado (SW India), Sr. Anne Dalton, Facilitator (Australia/Aotearoa-New Zealand), Sr. Stella Rhee (Northeast Asia), Gendrie Klein- Breteler (Australia/Aotearoa-New Zealand), Ms Melina Ong (Singapore/Malaysia) 


Reflective Ritual

Sr. Noelene White led the group through a sacred reflective ritual on the power of vision. “Write the vision, inscribe it on tables; For the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end it shall speak, and not lie: if it comes slowly, wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not tarry”.


Sharing the Integration Experience in Sri Lanka

Noelene, Gendrie, Sashirekha and Jason gave an overview of the Integration session held in August 2016. This prepared the group for the Joint meeting with the Formation Team to be held the following day. The keen desire to explore ways of integrating and working co-responsibly emerged.

What am I called to do? Change is about being stirred. The group journeyed on the spiral and understood the urgent and continuous need to transform internally. “We are ready to embrace chaos and search together for new ways” echoed in the conversations.


International scenario

As the representative of Asia-Pacific region for Partnership on the International Committee, Jason Furtado spoke about the Congregational initiatives to foster fuller engagement of mission partners. ‘Think globally, act locally’ was reiterated as the challenges to understand the definition of Partnership, the different levels of partners engaged in the mission as well as economic, regional and social  realities which influence the growth of partnership for mission were discussed. 


Peer support to enhance Co-responsibility in Action

Gendrie Klein-Breteler led the group to share and discuss the implementation of the Co-responsibility Module in each unit. Through a series of reflective questions, the group was led to share our challenges and our success stories.

“What are the roadblocks in developing Partnership/ Co-responsibility in your unit?”  

“Ask and you shall receive”.  

Ideas to provide peer support to nourish co-responsibility in our Units were drawn.



The need for capacity building in both sisters and lay people engaged in the formation of Mission Partners was felt.  A recommendation to integrate with the Formation Team for this program was proposed.


Encouraging milestones in Partnership in Asia-Pacific

  • Co-responsibility module is introduced in formation programs for sisters and lay Mission Partners in

              some Units.

  • In some Units, lay leaders are working very zealously along with the sisters or independently to make

              the ministries more meaningful and vibrant.

  • Good Shepherd Credo has been prepared and used in orientation programs.

  • Co-responsibility mandala holds a place in many offices.

  • Innovative practices are used to gently build relationships in a co-responsible way.


Continuing the journey....

Bind us together Lord with chords that cannot be broken… With the promise of continuing to build co-responsibility with an integrated approach, the energized GSAPP team continues to journey into its tenth year.

Saint Mary Euphrasia Pelletier will be pleased!


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