Good Shepherd Teams meet together in Sri Lanka

'A joint formation experience' 


Photo above of Formation and Partnership Teams

Front row, left to right

Sr  Sadhani Welmillage, Sr Imelda Sikul, Sr Anya Borbon, Sr Endah Lestari, Sr Teresa Tran, Sr Kevin Yin Yin, Sr Roshanthi Ranwatta.

Back row, left to right

Sr Anne Dalton, Mrs Sashirekha Natarajan, Mr Jason Furtado, Ms Maricel Sevilla, Sr Susan Montano, Ms Gendrie Klein- Breteler, Sr Noelene White, Sr Placida Kim, Sr Stella Rhee, Sr Sashi Kala, Sr Anne Marie Fernandes, Sr Lusiana Rahayu, Ms Melina Ong.


A series of meetings was held in Nayakakanda, Wattala in January 2018:

  • Joint Meeting Partnership & Formation Teams 23-24 January.

  • Meeting of Asia Pacific Partnership Team 26 January.

  • Integration Working Group Meeting  28-29 January.


Complete summary, photos and participant reflections

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Story of Partnership Team meeting

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Joint Meeting Partnership & Formation Teams

The Formation team guided by Sr. Roshanthi Ranwatta, Chairperson, welcomed their new unit members and prepared them to engage in the third mutually enriching joint meeting of both core teams. 

"Be quite sure that as long as beautiful unity exists,

God will never cease to fill us with blessings and favours..." St Mary Euphrasia


Preparing for Integration

A meaningful reflection: “We are here on this holy ground for God has called us to be together.  We are here for the sake of the call as mission partners. No other reason at all, it is just for the sake of the call” set the tone of the meeting.

      We do not own Good Shepherd Mission. 

      The Mission is of God.    

       It is God’s to share.


Co-responsibility for Mission – 

Listening to the Signs of the Times

Ms Gendrie Klein-Breteler traced significant references on co-responsibility from St Mary Euphrasia’s time till now, recalling with gratitude the prophetic vision and contribution of Srs. Susan Chia and Pam Molony (former Province Leaders), thereby stimulating the group to explore new pathways for engagement of lay so as to enliven the mission and make both sisters and lay co-responsible for its sustenance. 


Transformation for Mission - International Committee

Dr. Jason Furtado presented the process of Conversation Circles, an appreciative inquiry 4-D model which includes discovery, dream, design, and destiny. This method of engaging in meaningful and reflective conversations is aimed towards formulating new ideas and plans for strengthening the many gifts we currently share. 


Spiral Dynamics

Beautiful, strong, endless, connecting---

Mrs Sashirekha Natarajan refreshed the concept of Spiral Dynamics to help the joint team to reflect on the question: “Where is Integration asking us to SHIFT to and what do we need to do to make it happen? The realization that the transition to an integrated approach will require complete metamorphosis within self, prepared the group to further use Four Quadrants approach guided by Gendrie, to explore:

  • ways of developing structures that promote mutual partnership

  • growing through our differences

  • going beyond our own resistances

  • recognising the talents and resources that we have

  • discerning what needs to change & what is enduring.


Recommendations to the Integration Working Group

At the end of two days, the joint group reflected and prepared the recommendations to be forwarded to the Integration Working Group for consideration.  It was remarkable that practising the theory of Spiral Dynamics and 4 Quadrants’ approach had paved a way to “listen to the spirit” and respond as “true shepherds”.


Concluding Ritual

Moving forward in HOPE……

“A century from now, what shall be said of the Good Shepherd journey in these times?  And who will the shapers have been?”

The concluding ritual, dedicated to the vibrant future of GS Mission, under the fold of visionary leaders, took place with the group chanting a Blessing:

May the gift of leadership awaken in us a vocation---

May leadership be for us a true adventure of growth.

The energized torchbearers continue their journey of Co-responsibility in



Formation Team

Sr Roshanthi Ranwatta - Sri Lanka/Pakistan (Chairperson)

Sr Imelda Sikul - Singapore/Malaysia

Sr Sashi Kala - Central East India/Nepal

Sr Teresa Tran - East Asia

Sr Anne Marie Fernandes - South West India

Sr Susan Montano - Philippines

Sr Sadhani Welmillage -  Sri Lanka/Pakistan (Contemplative representative)

Sr Maria Placida Kim - North East Asia

Sr Endah Lestari - Indonesia


Partnership Team

Sr Noelene White - Australia/Aotearoa-New Zealand (Chairperson)

Mrs Sashirekha Natarajan - Central East India/Nepal

Sr Kevin Yin Yin - East Asia

Sr Rasangi Fernando - Sri Lanka/Pakistan

Ms Maricel Sevilla - Philippines

Sr Lusiana Rahayu - Indonesia

Ms Melina Ong - Singapore/Malaysia

Mr Jason Furtado - South West India

Sr Stella Rhee - North East Asia

Ms Gendrie Klein-Breteler - Australia/Aotearoa-New Zealand


Integration Working Group

Sr Anne Dalton (facilitator)  

Ms Theresa Symons

Mrs Sashirekha Natarajan  

Sr Joan Lopez

Sr Anne Marie Fernandes

Sr Deanna Pereira 

Sr  Niluka Perera

Ms Gendrie Klein- Breteler