Visioning Integration for Mission, in Indonesia

Building capacity for mission

Sessions held in Jogyakarta

After journeying together as the Province Integration Team for three years, the team decided to plan for capacity building sessions to build a common vision and mission as the Integration Team. These capacity building sessions were held from 10 - 14 July 2018 in Yogyakarta.  They were attended by the four sisters and three lay mission partners who represent the province on the Asia Pacific spirituality, formation, justice and peace, and partnership teams.

The first session was held on 10 – 12 July 2018 and was facilitated by Mrs Sashirekha Natarajan a lay mission partner from Central East India/Nepal, with co-facilitaor Sr Chatarina Supatmiyati, Indonesia province leader.

The second session was led by Sr Yohanita Siti Rahanyu, who facilitated the work on 13 – 14 July 2018.  During these days the Integration Team developed a Strategic Plan for the Unit Integration Commission.


Left to right:  Sr. Yohanita Siti Rahanyu, Sr. Agatha Priuntari, Sr. Magdalena Rini, Sr. Chatarina Supatmiyati, Sr. Veronica Endah, Ms. Prananingrum, Sr. Luciana Rahayu, Ms. Lusia Supriawati, Mrs. Sashirekha Natarajan, Mr. Martinus Martono 

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Creative processes

Mrs Sashirekha led the session creatively through games, group dynamics, sharing experiences and SWOT analysis. The session really brought a sense of profound reflection and wider understanding about what it means to be an Integration Team. While we were re-viewing, reflecting and analyzing experiences of team work in the past three years, we realized that the way we work as a team was not fully integrated. This affected our perspective in seeing the situation and problem in partial ways, and caused us to experience an unclear role as Unit Integration Team.  

An atmosphere of trust and oneness

The Four Quadrants of Change Theory and Two Loops Theory gave us more understanding in developing our capacity, personally and as a team. We supported each other as we went through the process of co-learning in knowing more deeply our capacity as a strength but also accepting our weaknesess. In the atmosphere of trust and oneness as a team we commited ourselves to nourish each member of the team to establish an integration team that ensures the realization of effective, relevant and sustainable Good Shepherd mission according to the needs of today, especially to the women and children who experience gender based violence and exploitation.

Gratitude expressed

We are very grateful for the opportunity given to us as an Integration Team. We also offer our gratitude and special thanks to the Province of Central East India/Nepal in sharing their resource person to facilitate our work together. It is really a great support to strengthen our network in the Asia Pacific region and to develop Good Shepherd mission beyond borders.

Submitted by Sr. Veronica Endah, RGS