Meeting of GS Asia Pacific Integration Committee

Renewal and Integration for Mission....

The Good Shepherd Asia Pacific Integration Committee held its first meeting at Good Shepherd Restful Waters, Singapore on 7,8 October 2018.

The first concrete step to integrate spirituality, justice and peace with good ministry practices in order to foster the sustainability of Good Shepherd Mission into the future was initiated in Asia Pacific with the formation of Good Shepherd Asia Pacific Integration Committee (GSAPIC).

Ably steered by Sr. Anne Dalton, the group of Good Shepherd seekers including members from APC, MDO and the current core teams namely, Srs. Joan Lopez and Chatarina Supatmiyati-APC, Sr.Melania Jung – Formation, Sr.Niluka Perera – Justice and Peace, along with Theresa Symons - MDO, Gendrie Klein- Breteler and Sashirekha Natarajan- Partnership, discerned and explored the ways in which the group could enable the Units to focus on effective and relevant GS Mission in response to the signs of time in Asia Pacific region.


(Left to right): Sashirekha Natarajan, Theresa Symons, Joan Lopez, Melania Jung, Niluka Perera, Chatarina Supatmiyati, Anne Dalton, Gendrie Klein-Breteler.

Creative processes

Click here - Summary of GSAP Integration Committee meeting with photos

Wisdom from the fragments in the stained glass

Each fragment of coloured glass has an invaluable part in the complete picture. Amidst the maze of colours, shapes and sizes, the core of Good Shepherd Mission is defined so poignantly.


In the same way, the energised group of SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) joined in the spirit of trust, openness and congeniality to share ideas, brainstorm and engage in generative listening to develop a plan and process to help the Units to transition to this new model of functioning – a model which ‘Enlivens Good Shepherd Mission’.

Transforming the reality in our Unit to an emerging future

A 3D sculpting process gave life and shape to the reality in each unit. Through a series of engaging questions, the true perspective that “self-absorption and indifference were wanting to die and renewal and integration for mission are waiting to birth” was shared.

What would you need to do to give life to this emerging future? – “Bring out the leader in each person; grow deeper in self- awareness; facilitate/ create an environment for Integration where each person can embrace the changes; more people understand co-responsibility; since the main purpose is to make the mission vibrant and alive”

What does the seed need?

It’s common to say that the tree comes from the seed.

But what does the seed need for it to make this Good Shepherd Mission Tree a perennial, rich, fruit-bearing, shade-giving one?

What moisture, what soil is needed? One needs to frequently use a spade and stir up the chaos beneath. And the chief gardeners are none other than APC and APIC!

The Vision

Crystallization - GSAPIC Vision is elicited!

What are the first steps to be taken by this group to keep GOOD SHEPHERD ALIVE?

Spelling out what we heard within the group through a process of storytelling, reiterating that Integration is for MISSION and enumerating the opportunities ahead to speak about Integration in the unit, regional and congregational level, we arrived at the common vision of the team. Our role is that of ENABLERS who can facilitate and support each unit to effectively integrate justice, partnership, spirituality, formation/ training and development and good ministry practices.

Closing reflective question....

On a closing note, Anne Dalton left the group reflecting on the question: “Will Good Shepherd people be pleased with what we have done today?”

....and the answer!

The echoing voices agreed that this is a natural and richer way of BEING and WORKING together for Good Shepherd Mission Effectiveness!