GSAPP Team celebrates completion

GSAPP – A Decade, A Milestone

A decade of Partnership for Mission in Asia Pacific - a precious GIFT


"If we have succeeded to some extent in accomplishing our aims, it is only by virtue of the love, full of zeal that we have shown.” St. Mary Euphrasia Pelletier


Bringing a work to completion

A special meeting of the Good Shepherd Asia Pacific Partnership Team was held from 7-9 January 2019 at Restful Waters, Singapore.  As the Asia Pacific region transitions towards an Integrated Approach, with the Regional Integration Committee carrying the torch forward, the GSAPP team completed its role.

Sashirekha created a beautiful and reflective summary of the sessions -

Click here - Comprehensive reflective summary by Mrs Sashirekha Natarajan

Thank you, Sashi!


Overview of the Journey

Comprehensive booklet highlights every stage of the journey from 2008 - 2018, and includes lovely photos.

Click here - Good Shepherd Asia Pacific Partnership 2008 - 2018



GSAPP Team   Sr Noelene White, Chairperson (Australia-Aotearoa/New Zealand),  Mrs Sashirekha Natarajan (Central East India-Nepal), Ms Gendrie Klein-Breteler (Australia-Aotearoa/New Zealand), Sr Stella Rhee (North East Asia), Ms Melina Ong (Singapore-Malaysia), Sr Kevin Yin Yin (East Asia), Ms Maricel Savilla (Philippines), Sr Luciana Rahayu (Indonesia).

Team members unable to be present   Mr Jason Furtado (SW India), Sr Rasangi Fernando (Sri Lanka- Pakistan).

APC Representatives     Sr Chatarina Supatmiyata (Indonesia) and Sr Joan Lopez (Singapore-Malaysia) represented the Asia Pacific Circle.  Sr Monica Walsh (Australia-Aotearoa/New Zealand) APC Link Person for Partnership sent a special message, and other APC members were present in spirit.


Reflective sessions

Formation and Partnership for Mission

The team had piloted a survey in each unit regarding ‘Formation and Partnership for Mission’, which was presented by each mission partner. It was very encouraging to know that the Co-responsibility Module and GS Credo are being utilized for Formation, Mission Programs including Good Shepherd Family Gatherings on various occasions. 

Handing over the Baton

"Though old stars burn out and die, look to the new and even beyond”                                                           

As the region transitions towards Integrated Approach, with the Regional Integration Committee carrying the torch forward, GSAPP team concluded its role. The team will collate its achievements over the last ten years, and archive it in the form of a booklet. Further, the lived experience of partnership and co-responsibility has enlivened the mission, a good practice which is a valuable ingredient to pave way for the new dawn.

Integration will drive the Mission

Sashirekha shared the journey of Asia Pacific Integration Committee (APIC) since 2018, explaining the vision and mission, roles and responsibilities of the APIC team, further highlighting the valuable role of GSAPP representatives as enablers who can implement Integration particularly at the grassroots. Gendrie explained the Integration Framework as a roadmap to help each unit to transition to this new model.

A grand completion

Sr. Noelene White led the group through a reflective experience, igniting the commitment of Co-responsibility in each member. The room was warm with gratitude, openness and promise of bright tomorrows!

Félicitations, Au revoir......

Sr. Monica Walsh, Link person for Partnership APC sent her congratulatory message, commending the team guided by Sr. Noelene White, for their significant contribution to Asia Pacific region. Words of gratitude to the visionaries who worked tirelessly to make this reality, to the Province of Singapore- Malaysia for being generous hosts for so many gatherings, to Sr. Anne Dalton for her availability as facilitator, to all the former team members and Unit leaders for their unstinting support and to the International team for their valuable guidance. 

Special appreciation to APC and the Province of Australia-Aotearoa/New Zealand for the Certificate of Appreciation for each member of the team.

A journey to remember…………    

The session closed with a memorable ritual led by Joan Lopez and Melina Ong. It was a simple re-enactment of the Water Purification Project which the Singapore- Malaysia Province initiated in Sri Lanka and Vietnam.  Part of the process of creating fresh and healthy water involves washing sand and gravel, a time consuming task.  This process was used as a symbol in the ritual. The principle is about enough people learning/knowing how to do it so it becomes a sustainable practice in the local area. 

Just put your hands into the dirty sand, water and pebbles and let your mind go free!

Little do you realize that this sand play will actually produce clear potable water! 

At the end of the activity, each member of the team had relived the experience of partnership and joy of creating new life and meaning.


More photos

Click here - GSAPP Team meets in Singapore January 2019


'Our experience of Good Shepherd draws us together

The strength of our partnership propels us out for mission.'