Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan plan for the future

Envisioning the future together

The Good Shepherd Communities of Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan participated in a strategic planning exercise in their respective locations.  The purpose of the strategic planning exercise was to acknowledge and be joyful for the growth and development of GS mission in these countries, to look at the current realities facing each community and to envision the future together.


Above - Taiwan community

Click here - Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan communities 

Preparatory questions…

As preparation, each sister was asked to reflect the following questions:

  • What gives you joy when I think of Good Shepherd Mission in your own country?

  • What are three main challenges for Good Shepherd Mission today in your country?

  • What are my hopes for Good Shepherd Mission in my country in the next three to five years?

  • Name three outcomes I would like to achieve at the strategic planning workshop?

Presencing in action…

In each location, the conversations were deep and enriching.  There was a collective consciousness on the importance of the sustainability of the GS mission into the future. 

The participants were mindful of the four levels of listening, accepted their realities and together envisioned the future that was waiting to emerge for GS Mission in their respective communities and the Province as a whole. 


Theresa Symons, Regional Manager of the AP MDO, facilitated the strategic planning exercises.