Good Shepherd says 'No' to Trafficking in Persons

Good Shepherd in Vietnam says 'No' to Trafficking in Persons

Migrant children in Binh Hung Hoa

‘Must be strong to say No to the temptation of strangers.’


This phrase was repeated many times to the migrant children in Binh Hung Hoa on 30 July, World Day Against Human Trafficking.

Good Shepherd Sisters gathered nearly 150 students who are children of the migrant workers living in poverty in Binh Hung Hoa, the area of the biggest cemetery in Hochiminh.  The children participated in painting and presenting pictures highlighting the issues of Human Trafficking.  They chose colors to paint their pictures with slogans that reminded each other of human dignity, and awareness of trafficking in persons.

Children were in the age group of 8 to 16. Some children who work part time as well as studying have a lot of life experience about forced labor in children. They marched around the school in rows. They participated in answering questions through animated video clips of human trafficking.

Finally, the children together determined to protect themselves by saying No to strangers, not accepting any gifts, not trusting and not following strangers.

 ‘Protect your device and shout when feeling unsafe.’


At the end of the event the children shared some games and food before returning to their homes.


'Come and See' - girls learn the tricks of traffickers today....

A week earlier Good Shepherd Vietnam also held a Day ‘Come and See’ for girls, and they were also instructed to be conscious of the clever tricks of traffickers today.  

Nearly 40 people signed on the Orange Hands to commit to work against human trafficking by spreading to their friends the information about awareness of Trafficking.  


At the end of the action they prayed for the victims who are in need of liberation and committed themselves to do the work that brings Justice to women and children.


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