Celebrating Good Shepherd Day in New Zealand

Continuing a great legacy....

The Sisters of the Good Shepherd arrived in Christchurch, New Zealand, in 1886.  Four sisters were from Angers and two from Australia. 

Today, Good Shepherd New Zealand continues and builds upon the work established by the Sisters in 1886. The organisation has developed strong, values-based relationships with partners to meet emerging local needs and contribute in a meaningful and sustainable way to New Zealand society.

Each year on 31 July, sisters and mission partners gather to remember, to celebrate and to move forward together.


Celebrating Good Shepherd Day

We were delighted to be able to celebrate Good Shepherd in New Zealand on Mary Euphrasia’s birthday 31 July. Good Shepherd New Zealand staff and Sisters Teresa Donworth and Mary Feehan were joined by Sister Anne Dalton and Ms Gendrie Klein-Breteler from Melbourne, and some of the New Zealand board members.

Good Shepherd NZ Chief Executive Ms Fleur Howard provided an overview of the work that we are currently doing, while Gendrie provided insight into our history and how that has shaped the values we have and the work we do today. As we talked and learned together, a very clear theme came through – that Good Shepherd has a great legacy of responding to the big challenges of our time.


World Premiere of Film

Click on link below to view the film.

We ended the day with the world premiere of our film ‘The Story of the Good Shepherd Sisters in New Zealand’ which is now able to be found in the ‘Our History’ section of the Good Shepherd NZ website. https://goodshepherd.org.nz/about-us/our-history-in-new-zealand/

Photo above shows some participants in the celebration watching the film.


Submitted by Ms Nicola Eccleton,

Manager Social Inclusion

Good Shepherd New Zealand