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What is a Morsbag?

A Morsbag is a recycled, reusable, fabric, handmade, strong, washable and unique bag that is used instead of a plastic bag and is always given away for free. As long as it replaces the job of a plastic bag, it can carry the shopping and has a label, it’s then a Morsbag. We ask people to sign up as a pod on the site so that they can add the number of Morsbags they make to the main tally. This is a way of being part of the bigger picture and really seeing how everyone’s small efforts of making a quick Morsbag can add together to make a huge difference which is inspirational and keeps the momentum going too.  -  Quilting World Magazine 2016

Photo      Left to Right : Kathy , Lilia  & Luz  


Luz's story

On 5 May 2019 I came across a local morsbags pod on FaceBook  and I joined a pod (group) immediately. I felt attracted to the direction which this movement is going as it is where I would like to go too. Using unwanted cloth and making bags to give away while enjoying the process seems like an appealing project with the bonus of saving the earth.   

Since morsbags started in 2007, 351,612 bags have  already been made, potentially replacing 182,838,240 plastic bags.  We can help do our share by making one morsbag at a time.

We ask for donation of materials such as used bed sheets, curtains, unwanted fabric, thread, scissors and even sewing machines! so that we can  make bags and help keep fabric out of landfills. We can give them a new lease of life and a new purpose.

We also encourage those who know how to sew and those who would like to learn how to make morsbags to come together and make bags as a community.


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An appealing project with the bonus of saving the earth


My first morsbag 

Every morsbag has to have the label so as to raise awareness of this movement. As I had to wait for these labels to be sent to me, I only started to make my first morsbag on 21 May 2019.

Starting our own pod

When Laudato Si’ was launched in the Church of Divine Mercy on 31 May 2019, we gathered a group of people who are interested in making morsbags and we decided to start our own pod called laudatosi.cdm

Also around this time on 1 and 2 June 2019, the Good Shepherd Sisters had a session for its mission partners conducted by Sr. Angela & Sr. Brigid on “Love, the Heart of the Universe” which fanned the flames of morsbagging in my heart.

Those two days session made me realized  that we really are all interconnected as we were all made by God and we should  all care for what God has given us in the whole universe. To me, it is a message that we are on the right track with making morsbags. Having some samples of morsbags with me at that time, I started talking to the mission partners and the Sisters about it. I even got some fabrics from Sr. Julia and that got me more excited and encouraged to make bags and share the message.

Our morsbags workshops

We had our first morsbags workshop on 28th June to teach people how to make them. Since then, we have had 3 workshops. One of the workshops was attended by our two Lay Associates, Kathy and Lilia.

On 19 October 2019, the day of recollection for  Lay Associates, Peace Prayer Outreach and Healing Ministry the three  of us made 72 morsbags to give to the retreatants

Morsbag-ing can be done solo or in a community. My mum and I sew on Monday mornings and as and when we find some spare time to do so. Sometimes we have walk-in friends who join in the sewing while we cut and iron.

As of today, our pod has made 255 morsbags. Some were used by the people who sew them: The first ones are always the most special, even though they are not perfect they are usually kept by their makers. Others were given to relatives and friends.  Some were given out to strangers at the check-out counters of a supermarket.

We don’t have a fixed number of people in the team. Anyone can join us, in fact some people who walk past the parish canteen while we are conducting the workshop would join us in making bags there and then.

We do not only need people who can sew. All can be of use by helping to cut and iron. And we also appreciate donated materials especially fabrics.

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Written by Luz Santos Anthony, Good Shepherd Mission Partner 1 Nov 2019