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Safeguarding Children

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In Asia Pacific

In Asia Pacific, activities organized by country teams on the particular day chosen by each team were posted on GSAP/GSIF Facebook and 'liked' by all of us.  This created a Wave of Activism!

Look at the creative and diverse activities held in Good Shepherd communities and centres during these days!  Let's continue to learn from each other.  Congratulations to all involved!

Day 16 - 10 December  Good Shepherd Nepal

In Kathmandu Good Shepherd joined a Rally: "Youth Standing for Human Rights" - see photo above.  Also, an Orientation programme on safe migration.  In Pokhara, Opportunity village carried out a number of programs. Awareness on Child sexual abuse held in the Sahara School.  A consciousness raising programme for the Parents.  A Rally from Hemza to Milan Chowk and a street play.  In the evening children carried a lamp observing silence for children throughout the world affected by violence.  In Bhairahawa there was Interaction Program in school, a Signature Campaign and a Radio Awareness program.

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Day 15 - 9 December   Good Shepherd Taiwan

Good Shepherd Taiwan together with Taiwan Taxi Company advocated No violence to women and children. Good Shepherd with 42 centers can reach 15,000 persons and the taxies can reach over 525,000 customers (21,000 taxies x 25 customers per day). This publicity is from 25 November to 10 December. All asking that we safeguard our women and children.  

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Day 14 - 8 December   Good Shepherd South West India

Orange the World was celebrated at Chaitanya Home for Girls in Bangalore.  Sr Jancey welcomed approximately 120 people (women, men and girls), from disadvantaged communities.  The theme of the gathering was Orange the World - Generation Equality Stands Against Rape.  Ms. Arlene Manoharan, a child rights activist and Good Shepherd Partner in Mission and Sr. Lissy Chacko gave powerful messages, and children performed a beautiful dance which highlighted the theme.

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Day 13 - 7 December   Good Shepherd Central East India

In Central East India, Sisters of the Good Shepherd who are present in 10 States organised numerous events in connection with the issue of gender-based violence. In all the areas in which they work, creative and diverse activities such as rallies, public meetings, consciousness raising activities and signature campaigns were organised to promote the respect towards women and children. The slogan “Orange the World" means generational equality against violence on women and girl children.

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Day 12 - 6 December   Good Shepherd Malaysia

Good Shepherd Services (GSS) and internationally acclaimed artist group Pangruk Sulap have worked together to break silence against rape. They joined forces to produce the t-shirt design for this year’s 16 days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence. GSS organized workshops for youth in Tambunan and Ranau to encourage youth to explore the issues of gender-based violence, and will be conducting programmes throughout this16 day campaign in various communities, private organizations and government agencies.  

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Day 11 - 5 December   Good Shepherd Pakistan

Good Shepherd Sisters in Pakistan celebrated No Violence to Women and Children during the Sunday liturgy at St Peter’s church.  One of their partners-in-mission spoke to the parishioners about violence against women and children in the world and especially in Pakistan.  Campaign posters and banners were also placed outside the church.  The parish priest supported the event which was successful and achieved its purpose of raising awareness on gender based violence within communities.

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Day 10 - 4 December   Good Shepherd Sri Lanka

In Sinnapaduwa, women organized a 2-day fair to sell their products, also using brochures/leaflets to raise awareness on the rights of women and children.  Also 'Make our Future Bright, Shape our Future Right' Workshop held for SHG women.  In Mankerny children from GS Community Based Child Protection Programs gathered to celebrate 16 Days of Activism and hold awareness raising through 'Focus Theater'. 

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Day 9 - 3 December     Good Shepherd Vietnam

The present younger generation faces challenges of displacement, and threats to their dignity.  Child rights are at risk, there is violence, human trafficking, ignorance of laws and rights which expose the younger generation to huge risks.  Good Shepherd Vietnam organized Orange Day for 300 children and 20 staff and sisters.  The Goal: “Strengthen children by providing knowledge on their rights” and to raise awareness of staff and sisters of child rights when they work with children.

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Day 8 - 2 December   Good Shepherd Australia

Australia uses social media to support 16 Days to end Gender Based Violence campaign.  GBV against women workers is linked to their ability to work, which has serious financial implications.  Disrupted work histories, lower or loss of income, frequent changes in jobs impacts women's economic security, including contributing to poverty in older women.

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Day 7 - 1 December   Good Shepherd Singapore

Singapore distributed flyers on Child Safeguarding on an occasion that would reach the greatest number of partners in mission. Partners in mission in Singapore, comprising Sisters, staff, volunteers, and benefactors, gathered on this day to celebrate 80 years of Good Shepherd Mission in Singapore. Key mission partners from Malaysia, who were in Singapore for the Province Chapter, also attended the celebration. Even the priests and Archbishop of Singapore, who were present, received the flyers!

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Day 6 - 30 November    Good Shepherd Myanmar

Good Shepherd Sisters Myanmar from different communities celebrated Orange Day on 30 November 2019. The people were gathered from different provinces by our mission partners to raise awareness on gender-based violence, challenge discriminatory attitudes and services to end violence against women. A total of 957 people from different parts of Myanmar participated actively and joyfully.

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Day 5 - 29 November   Good Shepherd Thailand

In Pattaya, 450 women and children walked through the city to raise awareness, followed by high level panel discussion on the topic.  In Bangkok 300 women and children participated in organized activities.  In Nongkhai a massive advocacy campaign led by Good Shepherd drew a participation of 4,000 people and 25 NGOs.  The event and its messaging was so powerful that the leaders of the local community have requested for Good Shepherd to organise a similar campaign in the different districts next year.

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Day 4 - 28 November    Good Shepherd Indonesia

The Province of Indonesia organized activities in different locations.  Batam:   Extensive publicity campaign involving large groups of people to raise awareness and build solidarity and collaboration to stop the chain of violence.  Yogjakarta: Education program for young people and children about the rights of women and children and issues of bullying.  Marau-Kalimantan:  Awareness raising sessions for adults in palm plantations, and in pre school.

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Day 3 - 27 November    Good Shepherd Japan

Sister Clare Nagashima distributed 150 flyers to parents and staff of the Good Shepherd kindergarten in Osaka inviting their participation in a special event.  On the day, Clare gave a PowerPoint presentation about the situation of the world's children, she described the 'Safeguarding Children' gathering in Thailand, facilitated a period of discussion and sharing on the issue of safeguarding children in Japan, concluding with a period of prayer for the children of the world.

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Day 3 - 27 November    Good Shepherd Philippines

Saint Mary Euphrasia Integrated Development Foundation conducted “Usapang Lalaki,” literally translating to “Talk Between Men,” a conversation with its male staff on violence against women and children in the context of the biblical image of men. The men learned the importance of healthy expression and management of their emotions, which have been identified as one of the key factors of why violence against women and children occurs in the household and their communities. The men pledged to bring these new learnings to their own families and communities.

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In Catanduanes, Training sessions were offered in different locations over a number of days.  These included sessions for Anti-VAWC Officers and Women Leaders, and Basic Child Protection Orientation sessions in a number of schools, for students and for staff.  The Campaign concluded with Mass, followed by parade.  Each training session ended with commitment by participants to protect the rights of children in the future.  At the final session, the men present asked forgiveness if ever they had committed or tolerated abuses in the family and community. 

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Day 2 - 26 November    Good Shepherd Hong Kong

All English classes at Marycove Schools used body language to promote the call to stop violence against women and children amongst its teachers and students. In Good Shepherd Residence, because of the current disturbing situation in Hong Kong, most children are in conflict with their parents and vice versa. As a means to aid family harmony, the staff promoted and practised non-violent communication with programme participants.  In Good Shepherd hostel, the programme participants were invited to be part of the Good Shepherd activity to raise their awareness to stop violence against women and children.

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Day 1 - 25 November    Good Shepherd Macau

An advertisement in the most popular newspaper in Macau - Macau Newspapers:  STOP VIOLENCE TOWARDS WOMEN.  Also promoting an online game to raise awareness about family violence - about 5,000 people participated.  2020 calendars were distributed in partnership with Caritas and other NGOs, with theme of children's rights and safeguarding children - more than 1,500 calendars.  Financial support from Macau Social Welfare Bureau appreciated.

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About the Campaign

Starting November 25th on the International Day to End Violence Against Women, Good Shepherd Justice Peace Office will work together with the NGO Committee to Stop Trafficking in Persons for the annual 16 Days of Activism to End Gender Based Violence.  We will focus our campaign on the trafficking of women and girls.  Over the 16 days, on Twitter and Facebook, we will discuss the vulnerabilities that enable trafficking, the accountability of governments to prevent trafficking, survivor stories, and services for survivors.  Join us in these conversations by following #GSIJP and @NGOCSTIP on Facebook and Twitter and checking in every day from November 25th to December 10th to share your wisdom and experience.



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