Webinar series on Good Shepherd Position Papers

Webinar series on GS Position Papers

A Joint initiative by GSIJPO and AP MDO

The aspiration of the Good Shepherd International Justice Peace Office (GSIJPO) is to have consistent flow of evidence-based information in its advocacy initiatives, bringing the voice of Good Shepherd program participants, especially women and children, to the UN level.

The aspiration of the Good Shepherd International Foundation through the Asia Pacific Mission Development Office is that all Good Shepherd programs and projects reflect good ministry practices based on human rights based approach.   

Hence, it was only natural that both offices got together to jointly plan for a series of webinars based on the Good Shepherd Position Papers 2018 and its application to programs and projects. 



The artwork above was created by Ms Paula Sgherza in 2020, in gratitude to Sr Winifred Doherty


The Position Papers

The Position Papers reflect the congregation’s priority areas on Migration, Trafficking, Girl Child, Prostitution, Economic Justice and Integral Ecology.

Click here - https://www.goodshepherd-asiapacific.org.au/project/286 


Purpose of the Webinars

The purpose of the webinars is to unpack the position papers, leading to a deeper understanding of systemic advocacy and how they can be integrated in Good Shepherd programs.   This is in line with the Congregation’s call for an integrated approach to mission incorporating Spirituality and Justice & Peace with Good Ministry Practices.


Six topics over six months

With six topics, the webinars were held over six months. Sr. Winifred Doherty, the Good Shepherd Main Representative to the United Nations gave the input on each position paper on the last working day of the month and Ms Theresa Symons, the AP MDO Regional Manager shared on the application to programs / projects on the 15th day of the following month.  The first module on Migration was on 30 April 2020, and the last session on the Application of the GS Position Paper on Integral Ecology on 20 October 2020.

In first webinar, there were about 50+ participants, while there were 178 registered participants with 144 Zoom links for the last session.


The last session 20 October 2020

This session included the participation of Sr Clare Nolan, who was formerly the NGO Representative of the Good Shepherd Sisters to the UN and subsequently the Training Co-ordinator for GSIJPO.  Good Shepherd Asia Pacific members are grateful to Clare for conceptualizing the 6 position papers in 2011, a contribution which continues to be relevant today and into the future.

Clare was invited to share how the six topics were chosen, what were the pressing issues at that time (internally within Good Shepherd as well as externally in the world), what she has witnessed over the years since the Position Papers were launched and her hopes for Good Shepherd mission into the future.

Evaluation Responses of Participants - Evaluation Responses 20Oct20

Responses from Break Out groups - Break Out groups Responses 20Oct20


Continuous Learning - all videos now available

All 12 videos are now available on the GSIF Asia Pacific YouTube channel. 

To access this channel, please type “GSIF Asia Pacific” in YouTube.  This is the link to the videos on the GS Position Papers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XNwiDdSTTec&list=PLzxIIBy8ZbE5OBrajvNPQNxyNNQ-chwo_

You will notice that the explanation of each position paper and useful links are in the description section of each video.  This is to facilitate your use of the videos for in-house capacity development. Please share these links so that ALL sisters and partners in mission – social services, schools and pastoral - have access to the position papers.

GSIF Asia Pacific YouTube channel also includes videos on:


Message from Theresa Symons

Thank you for your responses of the webinars, both at breakout group and individual level.  The results show that the learnings have been significant, with many saying that their understanding and appreciation of the position papers and the rights based approach have significantly improved over the past six months.  There is a commitment to continue individual and collective learning of the Position Papers and the rights based approach so that they can be implemented in the programs /projects.  

We express our gratitude to each one of you for your commitment to continuous learning for Good Shepherd mission effectiveness. 

“We see a world permeated by God’s love,

where justice and human rights support the dignity

of every girl, woman and child. 

We advocate to change policies that exclude and systems that dehumanize"


Theresa Symons 

Regional Manager

Asia Pacific Regional Office

Good Shepherd International Foundation