Good Shepherd Shelter in Indonesia

Protection, recovery, empowerment 

Photo shows Sister Theresia Anita Yuniastuti with a resident


The Challenges

Domestic violence is the dominant issue which the shelter ministry seeks to address.  In the majority of situations this is influenced by unequal power relationships, and the culture of patriarchy which still exists in our society.  It is characteristically shown by abuse of power in the family or another relationships.  Human trafficking may be rooted in extreme poverty and the lack of awareness and knowledge.  The effects of social media such as advertising and presentation of luxury life styles influence the mindset of young people.

The Program

The sisters and partners in mission collaborate to run the program within the framework of protection, recovery and empowerment.  It reaches out to women and children who have experienced the violation of their human dignity caused by domestic violence and human trafficking.The shelter provides a comfortable place with enough space. The capacity of the shelter is for 13 persons. We welcome them to experience a safe environment, even though located in the midst of the city. The shelter conducts daily programs giving input on issues such as awareness, health care, spiritual support and life skills. Importantly, we also provide accompaniment, emotional, psychological and legal assistance in collaboration with other organizations. We advocate for the women and children to receive the justice they deserve. We establish a strong network with others who can bring benefits for the program participants to empower them economically to sustain their future.

Who manages / administers the project?

The Good Shepherd Shelter Jakarta is part of Social Ministry of the Good Shepherd Foundation Indonesia. The shelter is managed by sisters and partners in mission.

The Beneficiaries of the project

The beneficiaries of this program are women and children. The women and children are empowered to know and be aware of their rights. By understanding their rights they enhance their dignity and are empowered to face their future with confidence. Indirectly the family is supported through the experience of encountering each other in this program.

Motivation and Core Values

As we commit to reach out with love and respect for every person, we develop the potential of each one of them. In our mission we commit to live out the values of compassion, reconciliation, courage, justice and gratitude.

What outcomes are achieved?

The outcomes of the shelter are that the women and children are able to stand tall - aware of their dignity and human rights.

How does it contribute to UN Sustainable Development Goals?

The Shelter Program especially contributes to SDG 5 - Gender Equality. The program addresses the main issue of inequality by providing support to women and children directly, and to family and society indirectly for equal relationships and justice.

By providing the basic needs of place, food, health and accompaniment, we contribute to the efforts for Good Health and Well Being - SDG 3.

In achieving the goals of the program, we work in collaboration with other institutions and organizations at many levels. Working in partnership is our way to run our mission: SDG 17 – Partnerships for the Goals.  

How is the project funded?

The project is funded by the Good Shepherd Foundation Indonesia in collaboration with Asia Pacific Mission Development Office (AP MDO).

What would make the project more effective?

  • Collaborative and integrated approach for the mission for women and children by sharing resources to strengthen the service.

  • Capacity and competency of the staff.

  • Financial sustainability.

  • Solid teamwork.

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