Something Different is Happening!

There is excitement in the air!

The Asia-Pacific Integration Committee (APIC) has triggered a tectonic shift in the region. 

The tapestry for integration is being weaved anew!

On 16th June, APIC presented a resource tool to the former and current Asia Pacific Circle of Leaders (APC) to facilitate the understanding of Integration for the effectiveness and sustainability of Good Shepherd Mission.

The team has modelled Integration every step of the way and finally emerged with this prototype in the form of a resource booklet titled ‘Good Shepherd Asia Pacific Towards Integration’.


Good Shepherd Asia Pacific Towards Integration

Click here - 'Good Shepherd Asia Pacific Towards Integration'

‘Integration’ involves BEING and DOING together and it is for the EFFECTIVENESS and SUSTAINABILITY of Good Shepherd Mission.

Integration of Spirituality, Justice and Peace and Good Ministry Practices, enabled by Partnership and Formation is the ‘energy’ and core of our mission – our Being.

Sustainability requires all Partners-in-Mission to work together - embedding these three essential elements in all our initiatives – our Doing.

The members of the APC found the process to be contemplative, challenging and evocative. This resource is made available on the Good Shepherd Asia Pacific website. During the next phase, APIC will be launching virtual training programs and webinars to disseminate the way of Being and Doing.



We invite leaders at various levels of GS Mission to participate in this process:

let us co-sense and grow together!


Something Different is Happening!

“Something different is happening.

We are evolving.

We are shifting from ‘I’ to ‘WE’;

From an ego-system to an eco-system.

The first process for our journey towards integration begins with our individual and group reflections”      

Asia Pacific Integration Committee