2020 Asia Pacific Regional Assembly

Look to new horizons and even beyond....

This dynamic Good Shepherd gathering was held virtually over three days and attracted almost 500 participants each day, from 19 countries.  Visionary leadership and meticulous organisation of the event, combined with warm, highly skilled facilitation and IT capacity enabled the large group to respond with attention, deep reflection, willingness to share and growing awareness of the precious gift entrusted to us.


The AP Regional Assembly website 

Revisit or explore for the first time the messages of welcome, preparation material, agenda of the Regional Assembly, processes and Outcomes.  Click here:

2020 Asia Pacific Regional Assembly - https://bit.ly/3hPosR9



"Though old stars may burn out and die... look to new horizons and even beyond..."   St Mary Euphrasia Pelletier

Preparation process 

All participants had access to a designated Website containing a Preparation Pack, with background information required for full preparation for the Assembly, including videos, powerpoint presentations and description of work happening across Asia Pacific with goals and objectives, milestones and key insights from different initiatives.

Information was set out in a sequence that aligned with the sessions, and provided invitations to stop and reflect upon the material.

Messages of Support

Messages of support were received from Sisters Ellen Kelly, Congregational Leader, Winifred Doherty (GSIJPO), Clare Nolan (AP Resource person), Elaine Basinger (AP Resource person).

Message from the Organizing Teams

We warmly invite you to the Asia Pacific Regional Assembly 10-12 August 2020. Our goals of gathering virtually prior to our Inter-Continental Assembly and Congregational Chapter gatherings, are

  • To be a Good Shepherd catalyst that takes the energy of the Asia Pacific region beyond our borders and 

  • To represent Good Shepherd Asia Pacific with passion and energy. 

By engaging for the three days across our borders, in dialogue and contemplation, we hope to

  • Build unity across Asia Pacific beyond self, Unit and borders – moving from a “Me to We” viewpoint.

  • Deepen knowledge of Good Shepherd Asia Pacific history, journey and initiatives- learning more about our resources, personnel and collaboration.

  • Grow our collective understanding and confidence in addressing issues pertinent and relevant in the Asia Pacific region, to engage in active participation during the ICA. 

  • Identify priorities and recommendations for ICA and the Congregational Chapter. 

  • Shift consciousness to understand that we are personally responsible for creating change- from ideals to behaviour, from aspirations to actions.

We look forward to our coming together for this virtual Asia Pacific Regional Assembly. May we embrace each new day with a deep gratitude to God and love for all of creation.. 

Together in Mission, 

Sisters Francine Muthugala, Joan Lopez, Sabina Pathrose (AP Regional Assembly Planning Committee) Ms Theresa Symons, Ms Paula Sgherza, Mr Jamie Sgherza (Facilitation Team)

The Sessions

The sessions were named to reflect their vision and scope:

  1. A Spark in the Asia Pacific Region.

  2. The Bright Sky of Good Shepherd Asia Pacific.

  3. Beyond the Stars - Good Shepherd Leadership.

  4. The Shape of Stars.

  5. Constellations:  An Integrated Vision.

  6. New Horizons and Even Beyond.


Processes evoked participation and response through sharing in breakout groups and feedback, creation of Word Clouds, polls to indicate group direction, graphic scribing, harvesting of key insights by 'harvesters' and reflective songs.

Towards Integration

The Asia Pacific Integration Committee (APIC) presented a resource tool to facilitate deep understanding of Integration for effectiveness and sustainability of Good Shepherd Mission.  See image above.

The gentle blend of the elements: Spirituality, Justice and Peace, Good Ministry Practice, Formation and Partnership/Co-responsibility signifies Integration. The two figures represent partnership and the readiness for transformation. Their open mind, open heart and open will enable curiosity, compassion and courage. The enveloping “U” and the gentle flow of the florets of the dandelion, represent the willingness to let go of old mindsets and allow the spirit to awaken us to the emerging future. The emerging stars is the vision of Good Shepherd Mission Effectiveness. We are inspired by the words of St. Mary Euphrasia, “Though old stars may burn out and die, look to new horizons and even beyond.”

Click here - Towards Integration - Booklet

Letter from Beirut

Sr Hanan Youssef, Member of the Congregational Leadership Team, was visiting her home country and the city of Beirut at the time of the horrifying explosion.  Her heartfelt letter was shared with participants and strong response was prayerful and practical.

Click here - Letter from Sr Hanan Youssef