GSAP Regional Campaign October11-26

Good Shepherd Asia Pacific IDG 2020 Campaign

A GSAP regional campaign ran from the International Day of the Girl Child on 11 October until Human Rights Day on 10 December 2020.  This Campaign offered us a way of being in solidarity as Good Shepherd and connected with one another.  Learn more about the creative and consciousness-raising activities which took place.



Marymount Centre, Singapore International Day of the Girl Child event


Overview of the Campaign

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Activities from 11-26 October

Northeast Asia                       

International Day of the Girl activities in Northeast Asian province include:

  1. Online Promotion:  Made a poster file and posted it on each institution’s website and café and shared through SNS.

  2. Made banners and placards to install in public places.

  3. Made pickets and advocating IDG.

  4. Reported on by TV, radio, and newspapers. Interviewed by TV news, Radio program, and newspaper article.

  5. Bucket challenge event on SNS.

  6. Attended the Good Shepherd Asia Pacific Forum on Sunday 11 October. 

  7. Made symbols and contributed with Mission Area of IDG.

  8. Posted the campaign title and hash tag on SNS.

  9. Held a Concert of Music for the Girls' Rights.

  10. Participated in the logo and poster artwork competition.

Photos - Public activities IDG2020 Province Northeast Asia



A shelter in Pagadian City, in the southern part of the Philippines, culminated the late summer program for the girls on October 11, 2020.  The summer program is part of the healing and integral development of girls who have suffered abuse and exploitation.  It comprised of expressive art activities such as painting, singing and dancing as well as healing with Mother Earth through the ecological therapeutic programme.  On the other side of the Philippines, our girls in Bicol sang the official IDG song of Good Shepherd Asia Pacific.  The consolidated women ministry for women and children in Metro Manila held a celebration of girls' rights on October 24, 2020.  They set up a booth and held a program showcasing the talents of the children.  It highlighted the importance of children's rights with the theme "My Voice = Our Future."

More - IDG2020 activities in various locations in Philippines



2020 was the first year that St Clare’s School, in Perth, Western Australia, joined with so many other Good Shepherd Schools in the Asia Pacific region, to celebrate the International Day of the Girl.  Even while our senior students were completing their studies for the end of a very difficult academic year, the students were able to make a video on their experiences as girls and young women here in our context.  Our students range in age from 13 to 18 years.  

We appreciated the materials sent to us from other schools, and have used the prayers sent from a school in the Philippines, as our prayer focus for our weekly assembly.  We have also exhibited many of the posters created by students in other schools for the IDG.  We look forward to future involvement in the IDG with Good Shepherd schools across our region.

Video 'Building Equity for Girls' -



On 8 and 9 October 2020, the principals of Good Shepherd Kindergarten and Marymount Preschool held a session to share with the children and teachers on IDG.  They also conducted an online survey among the teachers. The powerpoint is attached. The time slot assigned by the AP IDG committee is in November for Singapore, but November is the period of School holidays therefore no activity could be carried out then in these schools.

Teachers' Online Survey & Results - Good Shepherd Kindergarten & Marymount Preschool


At Marymount Centre, Singapore, the Interim Placement and Assessment Centre (IPAC) held a workshop with the residential children to raise their awareness about the IDG. Through slides presentation and enthusiastic group discussion, the children shared their insights and learnings about the rights of the girl child and understood more about how these rights are not respected in various parts of the world.  The girls also learnt about cybersecurity and how to keep themselves safe online, and much more. 

Activities and photos - Marymount Centre, Singapore IPAC event


International Day of the Girl Child (IDG)

The International Day of the Girl Child (IDG) is celebrated annually on October 11 to promote girls' empowerment and fulfilment of their human rights while also highlighting the challenges that girls all over the world face.  See