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A privileged time....

The Congregation of Our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd will hold its Congregational Chapter in 2021.  In preparation for this, Province Chapters are being held in every province commencing from 2019, and a number of Intercontinental Assemblies (ICAs) were conducted virtually from August to October 2020.


Province Chapter

The Province Chapter is a privileged time in the history of a province.  Through dialogue and prayer the chapter assesses the life of the province, renews its fidelity to the charism, and plans for the future.  It calls each sister to openness, conversion and greater zeal so that the unique gift of Christ, the Shepherd, may overflow into the Church and the world.    (Constitution 96)

Pre-Chapter meetings

As part of the chapter process, Pre-Chapter meetings provide space and time for deep listening to oneself and to each other on the realities of today and the priorities for the future.  Pre-Chapter meetings provide the opportunity for lay partners-in-mission to contribute to the Province Chapter.  This process acknowledges that sisters and partners-in-mission are together co-responsible for the effectiveness and sustainability of Good Shepherd Mission into the future.


Pre-Chapter gathering in East Asia Province in December 2019 -


The Province Chapters of Asia Pacific region 

Province of East Asia

East Asia's Province Chapter was held virtually on 28th to 30th December 2020.  Sr. Rebecca Kay Thi Oo has been appointed the Province Leader of East Asia Province, with members of Province Leadership Team:  Sisters Agnes Nguyen, Assumpta Shwe, Lakana Sukhsuchit.  Their mandate began on 16 January 2021.

Rebecca made her first profession on 19th August 1999 and perpetual profession on 16th August 2008. She obtained a Master’s degree in Theological Studies.

Rebecca has had many and diverse ministry experiences, contributing across the region and congregation.  Also, she has served in leadership roles as local community leader, director of Good Shepherd Myanmar Foundation, and as the co-ordinator of Talitha Kum-Myanmar.

More information and photos of Team

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