Integrated Approach to Mission Effectiveness

Integrated Approach to Mission Effectiveness

Session 1:   “The Good Shepherd Position on Integration – Introducing the Integral Ecology Initiative.”

Ms Theresa Symons, Asia Pacific Regional Manager GSIF hosted this first session on 19 February 2021. 220 persons registered for the session.

Many who reached out after the session shared that it was enriching and deep, the content / resource booklet helpful in assisting the units in implementing their province direction statements. 

Some have reached out for the Towards Integration Resource Tool which can be downloaded here.

Joan Lopez, Gendrie Klein-Breteler, Sashi Natarajan and Theresa Symons are available to journey with Units on the integrated approach.


Material for your reference and sharing in your units

Slides used for the session: the response to the two poll questions have been added to the respective slide.  It is interesting to note that all units in Asia Pacific have integral ecology / care for the earth and integrated approach to mission effectiveness as part of their Province Direction Statements.

Click here - Integral Ecology: Using the Integrated Approach to Mission Effectiveness


Next steps - invitation from Theresa

We encourage everyone to come together in your units to collectively envision the change you want to see in your Units by the end of 2021 using the integrated approach.  It is a process… so take your time to listen to your inner wisdom, enter into the experience of the other and touch the reality of those at the margins.  A google form will be sent out in early April for you to record the change you want to see.

The next session will be held on Thursday, 8 April 2021 at 11am Malaysian time.  We hope to introduce Theory of Change which is a step by step guide to mapping the process towards your desired goal.  We will see how effective programming is part of GS spirituality and social & environmental justice.

The Zoom link for the next meeting will be sent out in early April.


Theresa Symons

Asia Pacific Regional Manager

Good Shepherd International Foundation Onlus