In solidarity with the people of Myanmar

In solidarity......

Since the military dictatorship enforced a coup d’état upon Myanmar on 1 February 2021, non-violent demonstrations have been held in all cities (see photo above).  Members of many religious institutes, including our sisters, are united with the people, in total harmony; they share their concerns, worries and fears.  Good Shepherd Asia Pacific stands in solidarity with our sisters and the people of Myanmar who are longing for peace and order.


Message from the sisters in Myanmar

We want to show our unity with the people. We are in total harmony, we share the same concerns, worries and fears. We don't want to be under the junta, we want a safe life.

In Myanmar last year, due to COVID, the country got poorer. The communities we serve already have many difficulties. Now with a coup d'état and tensions arising, we cannot imagine how much worse the situation of poor people will be.

The Sisters of the Good Shepherd have a mission in society. Under the new democratic government, its social works are registered as a foundation. We work with many women, with non-profit organisations, with foundations.

Unfortunately, the future of our nation is dark. We cannot go out, we have restrictions, and we cannot work with the people.  As citizens, we stand with our people and for our mission to those who experience poverty and need; to women, girls, children; to the most vulnerable. It is unbearable to see our people suffer, lose hope, overwhelmed by fear.

What is happening violates the laws of the country, it violates our human rights and our dignity. It is a great blow to democracy and development, which began to take hold in the country over the past five years.

What is happening violates our freedom of expression, our free vote that we cast three months ago, the right to choose our new democratic government, our leaders.

We want all the people of Myanmar, of all religions, races and ethnicities, to enjoy the same rights and democracy. We all want development for the whole country, as we have seen over the past 10 years.

Religious leaders, Brothers, Sisters, priests, the Bishop of Mandalay have expressed their solidarity with the people. We will do this today and always, in the name of the Church's social doctrine, as well as our mission and in accord with the message of Pope Francis in Laudato si”.

(Extract from the AsiaNews article 9 February 2021) 


AsiaNews article 9 February 2021

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