Asia Pacific Circle meets

Stepping up to take responsibility

The nine new Unit Leaders of Asia Pacific Circle (APC) came together on March 3, 2021 for the first time via zoom. Prior to this meeting, a transitioning and handing over session was held on February 28 and March 1, 2021 where the former Unit leaders shared the significant developments of the mission in the Asia Pacific (AP) region during their term of office.  



From top left:  Stella Rhee (Northeast Asia), Theresa Symons (GSIF Asia Pacific), Monica Walsh (Australia & Aotearoa/New Zealand), Salomi Cruz (Singapore/Malaysia), Lilly Devasia (CLT), Rebecca Kay Thi Oo (East Asia) Susan Montano (Philippines/Japan), Alfonsa Sudaryanti (Indonesia), Bridget Paily (CLT), Maryanne Perera (Sri Lanka/Pakistan), Lissy Chacko (SW India), Pushpa Louis (CE India/Nepal).

A spirit of active collaboration

The new APC expressed our appreciation for the strength of the previous leadership in areas such as networking, collaboration, sharing of resources (time, personnel and finance), and capacity building of mission partners. We expressed our enthusiasm and commitment to continue to build on the strengths of the previous leadership. Together, we envisioned with hope to collaborate actively as a region and even beyond as needs arise.

Next steps

Our next steps will be to collectively study the Direction Statements of the nine Units of our region so as to surface common directions that were mandated at our Unit Chapters.  An idea was presented to widening the circles of leadership and shared responsibilities by including Sector Leaders and Unit Leadership Team members at some of the meetings that the APC will organise. While prioritizing some immediate and long term goals for the AP region, we did not stray from our focus for this year which is, the 31st Congregational Chapter.

Responsible roles

Having charted few immediate and long term directions for the AP region, we discerned and surfaced names for Office Bearers who would take on the responsibility of APC Coordinator, APC Secretary and APC Treasurer for a term of two years.  Salomi Cruz accepted the role of being the Coordinator, Pushpa Louis, the Secretary and Susan Montano, the Treasurer.

Gratitude expressed

Words of thanks were expressed to Srs Bridget Paily and Lilly Devasia who are the AP region’s Link Councillors, for their presence and sisterly support. We are also deeply grateful to Ms Theresa Symons, Manager of AP Mission Development Office for skillfully facilitating the meeting.

Energized, we put into the deep.....

In the midst of Covid-19 pandemic, having had delayed Unit Chapters we as the new APC finally managed to have our first APC meeting virtually for which we are grateful to God. Energized to journey together while deepening our experiences of being drawn by love and passionate for justice, we put into the deep as we take up our responsibility as the Circle of Leaders for the AP region.