Good Shepherd participates in CSW65 event

Good Shepherd @ CSW65

We are pleased to share that the Good Shepherd Congregation participated in the CSW65 event held from March 15 to 26, 2021.  The CSW65 event was launched in New York on March 15.  Due to COVID19, the event was held virtually this year.


Good Shepherd participants

Units from Latin America, RIMOA and Asia Pacific participated in this event through the NGOCSW65 Virtual Platform.  Details of events hosted by the regions are available here.  A historic moment for the Congregation coming together as ONE Good Shepherd Voice to advocate for women and girls experiencing marginalisation and exploitation across the world.

Sr Winifred Doherty's blog (Good Shepherd - New York) -


Events in Asia Pacific

16 March    

Good Shepherd Australia New Zealand:  Understanding the Impact of COVID-19 on Vulnerable Australians - YouTube

17 March

Good Shepherd Australia New Zealand:  Forced Marriage: An Australian Case Study -

18 March

Online Sexual Exploitation of Children: Realities, Perspectives and Interventions by Good Shepherd Philippines, Nepal and Malaysia.  YouTube link for recorded event -

19 March

Online Sexual Exploitation of Children: Realities, Perspectives and Interventions by Good Shepherd Philippines, Nepal and Malaysia.  YouTube link for recorded event -

20 March

Panel Led By and For Girls:  Impact of COVID19 on Girls & Bodily Autonomy and Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights by Good Shepherd Central East India Nepal, Indonesia, Myanmar, Philippines, South West India and Sri Lanka.  YouTube link for recorded event -

24 March 

Reforms and Innovations to Support Women and Children Experiencing Family Violence by Good Shepherd Australia New Zealand. YouTube link for recorded event -

25 March

Addressing Economic Injustice: Root Causes, Interventions and Voices from the Field.  Event was hosted by Good Shepherd Programs from Central East India, Malaysia, Australia and Sri Lanka.


Events hosted by Latin America and RIMOA

Events hosted by Latin America and RIMOA are available at these links:

Latin American -



Brought together with ONE VOICE

The entire NGOCSW65 event was a huge success for the Congregation with participation from Latin America, Asia Pacific and RIMOA - a fitting tribute to the efforts of the GS International Justice Peace Office, in particular Sr. Winifred Doherty, Sr. Clare Nolan and Alexis Schultz, to educate all GS mission partners (sisters and lay) to be effective advocates for social justice.   The event brought together programmes across the Good Shepherd Congregation with ONE VOICE to advocate on issues that affect women and girls across the world.  


Insights shared.....

Some insights from GS Asia Pacific event hosts / moderators / panelists / organisers:

What were the highlights / your joys?

  • We have started a new way of coming and planning together; increased co-ordination among the units; motivated to be more creative.
  • Working together across countries; getting to know different perspectives from different regions and countries.
  • The event provided a SAFE SPACE for the girls to share political issues and start conversations; we really became one community and one family in Asia Pacific; inspiring; ground-breaking experience.
  • It was a WOW experience!

What could be better?

  • Increased publicity to promote the event within Good Shepherd and to external parties; there was insufficient awareness / encouragement to participate  – should be circulated to all schools and social services.
  • Registration as advocate to the NGOCSW65 platform was challenging – some struggled with the technology and the registration processes; better dissemination of timely and succinct information.
  • Videos could have been better; more inclusion of personal experience and success stories of program participants

What will we do differently the next time?

  • Encourage participation of staff by making the events part of work commitment / capacity development initiatives.
  • More cross unit / country participation; involve more people in the process.
  • Start preparations earlier for better presentation of materials / videos, increase involvement of youths and teenagers.   

Any suggestions for future regional / congregational events?

  • Formation of Communities of Practice around the issues presented; contribute to the learning from each other, share research and research skills, build a good network of practitioners across Asia Pacific.
  • Form technical groups to assist with technical issues.
  • Linking girls at congregational level – across units and continents.


All were invited to Asia Pacific events

Everyone was invited to participate in the events hosted by Good Shepherd units in Asia Pacific.  

  • The Events flyer with dates for the different AP events:  Click here -  Events Flyer

  • The Participation-made-easy flyer with URL for those registered as advocates or the GSIF Asia Pacific YouTube channel with QR code:  Click here -  Participation Flyer


Blessings and gratitude to all,


Theresa Symons

Asia Pacific Regional Manager

Good Shepherd International Foundation Onlus

Asia Pacific Regional Office