Research Launch:  The Rights of the Girl

Research Launch: The Rights of the Girl

Join us for this Research Launch 

"A Good Shepherd Practitioner Understanding of Girls Rights’ Attainment – A Review of Rights Realisation by Girls in Asia Pacific"

This research is one of the outcomes of the International Day of the Girl Child 2020 wherein Good Shepherd units in Asia Pacific supported the proposal for a regional research on the rights attainment of the girl child from the perspective of practitioners from Good Shepherd social services as well as school setting.  Practitioners from 15 countries participated in this research.

The launch will be hosted / moderated by girls from GS Asia Pacific, namely CEI and Philippines.  Girls from Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Indonesia, Philippines and India will also will also be sharing their hopes and dreams for their future.



A Zoom event - Saturday 31 July 2021


Partnership between Good Shepherd International Foundation (GSIF) and Good Shepherd Australia New Zealand (GSANZ)


Theresa Symons

Asia Pacific Regional Manager

Good Shepherd International Foundation Onlus


Ahead of the Generation Equality Forum 30 June - 2 July


Girls Open Letter to World Leaders

Ahead of the Generation Equality Forum taking place in Paris from June 30th to July 2nd, Good Shepherd girls from India and the Philippines engaged in writing an open letter to world leaders with girls from around the world with the support of Good Shepherd International Justice Peace Office. The letter calls out the lack of inclusion of girls in the process and the need for greater accountability to girls. 

Below are links to the letter and a toolkit on how girls can take the letter and use it for their own advocacy. There is also a report from the Conversation Circles that were done in the lead-up to this year's Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) in which many Good Shepherd people in Asia Pacific were involved.

You are invited to share these resources widely with your networks and use them in your advocacy for girls' rights. 

Click - Conversation Circles Summary Project - The Working Group on Girls

Click - Girls Open Letter to World Leaders

Click - The Working Group on Girls Toolkit


 Alexis Schutz, 

Assistant NGO Representative to the United Nations