Women's Emergency Hot Line 1366 celebrates 20 Years!

'Beyond crisis to hope'

Women's Emergency Hot Line 1366 has been providing assistance to women in crisis situations such as domestic violence, sexual violence, prostitution, digital sex crimes, dating violence and stalking crimes against women for the past 20 years - since 2001 - 24 hours a day, all year-round.


Women's Emergency Hot Line 1366, operating as a national organization, has 18 centers across the country. Currently, the Good Shepherd Sisters of Korea operate two counseling centers.

Initially established as a support system for victims of violence against women, over the last 20 years the Women’s Emergency Hot Line 1366 has been active in each region and consolidated through Organizational evaluation.  To establish the vision, a ceremony was held online and offline on July 1, 2021 under the theme of “20th Anniversary of Women’s Emergency Hot Line 1366 – Beyond Crisis to Hope” at Nak won Building in JongNo, Seoul.

The President of National 1366 Network, Sr. Droste Kim, RGS who is the CEO of Gangwon Center, expressed gratitude for the hard work of all the Hot Line centers and declared through a vision statement “1366, which has reached 20 years of age, is a reliable supporter and companion on the way to hope for clients in crises. We will work harder in the future to become.”

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Women's Emergency Hotline - https://www.goodshepherd-asiapacific.org.au/project/42

Sister Droste Kim receives National Award

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