Celebrating IDG in Central East India

Celebrating Girl Children

Sisters of the Good Shepherd, all over the world, work towards the empowerment of children, especially girl children.  Inspired by the charism of the Good Shepherd, richly expressed in the life of their Foundress, St Mary Euphrasia, the sisters strive to uphold the rights of children and women in all their shepherding mission – a mission which aims at creating an inclusive society which upholds the rights of women and children.  



Some of the children participating in the International Day of the Girl Child Celebrations

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2021 Celebrating Internation Day of the Girl Child in CE India

Campaign for the Girl Child

Since 2011, October 11th has been observed as the United Nations International Day of Girl Child. The aims of the day are to promote girls’ empowerment and fulfilment of their human rights while also highlighting the challenges that girls face all over the world. This year, the United Nations urges the world community to bridge the gender digital divide that exists in diverse skills and jobs – a challenge that society is increasingly facing due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Celebrating Girl Child Matters

Celebrations are platforms to create a positive climate and exchange positive and promotive energies with one another for building peace and tranquility. To honour the girl children, Sisters of the Good Shepherd and their Mission Partners working in Andhra Pradesh State in India planned Girl Child Day Celebrations on 9th and 11th October 2021 in Amaravathi and Krosuru Mandal Headquarters respectively. Children in the age group of 14 to 18 years, women and men leaders - all together 527 of them participated and benefitted. Community leaders, Teachers, and Government Officials concerned with children were invited to address the participants.

Speakers included

Mrs. Padmaja, Principal of Gurukul Padasala (Amaravathi), Mrs. R. Indira, District Child Protection Officer (DCPO), Mr. Babu, Sub-Inspector of Police (SI), Amaravathi, Mr. Sameer, Project Coordinator, Good Shepherd-CHILDLINE 1098, Mrs. Yasodha, Counselor of Good Shepherd-CHILDLINE 1098, Mr. Gnanababu, Principal of Jai Bharat School (Krosuru) Mr. John Aruldass, Founder of Servites of the Poor, Sr. Madhalai Vinnarasi, Director of Community Development Programmes, Good Shepherd Convent (Amaravathi) were some of the key speakers. Mr. Laxman, the Project Coordinator moderated the programme at Amaravathi and Mr. Ravi, English Tutor in Adolescent Girls Empowerment Programme coordinated the public meeting at Krosuru. 

Digital Generation:  Our Generation

The theme of the day “Digital Generation: Our Generation” was at length discussed and explained to the participants as to how digital technology can be a boon as well as a bane to humanity, if not used properly. Girl children cheered the participants with dances between the speeches to keep the learning spirit going.

Take-home Messages

Key messages shared by the main speakers of the International Day of the Girl Child include the following:

*  Collective Efforts Needed to Create Safe Space

*  Responsible Use of Digital Technology

*  Beware of Traffickers

*  Restrict Access to Personal Profile

*  Practice Child Protection Laws

*  Change of Mindset

*  Change Must Happen in the Family

*  Awareness on Rights of Children

*  Higher Education for Girls


Together let us strive to create a world

where the rights of every individual are taken care of.

It is possible, if worked collectively.  


Article submitted by Mr. A. John Aruldass